ZA Spotlight: Laura D. Will Get You Productive Through Delegation

by | December 8, 2014

Who makes up the backbone of Zirtual? That would be our wonderful ZAs! Coming from over 36 states across the country our diverse group of Zirtual Assistants are the driving force of our service. We like to highlight rockstar ZAs from time to time in a little segment called ZA Spotlight – your chance to get to know some of our virtual assistants a little bit better.

Who is this delightful ZA? Laura D.

What state does she live in? The Centennial State – Colorado

When did Laura join Zirtual? October 2013

What first attracted you to Zirtual? Initially Zirtual seemed like the perfect fit for me as I needed a position that would allow me to work from home and give me the flexibility to care for my son. Now I can’t imagine working anywhere else.

What’s the most unique task you’ve gotten? A client asked me to help her purchase a crystal to use for meditating during her tattoo sessions. I learned a lot about the different crystals available, their uses in meditation and metaphysical properties!

What’s your favorite childhood book? It’d have to beTiger Eyes by Judy Blume. It’s a coming-of-age story from Judy Blume. I fell in love with the main character Davey when I was about 9 and never outgrew her story.

What do you love most about being a ZA? My clients! This is the first opportunity I’ve had to work with such a diverse group of people and I love it. My clients range from entrepreneurs to attorneys to medical doctors. My skillset grows with each new client I take on!

There you have it – to get setup with your very own Zirtual Assistant like Laura head on over to!