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Success stories powered by the help of a Virtual Assistant.

We work closely with entrepreneurs and busy professionals from forward-thinking businesses to help them successfully create and launch new digital platforms, products and services. Read a few success stories on how these companies have used the help of a Virtual Assistant (or in some cases, two) to propel their business to new heights.

Soma Water

Soma has designed the world's best water... for you and 800 million people in need.

Soma is a premium water filter service that includes a beautiful glass carafe and the world's most innovative water filters, which are delivered right to your door via subscription so you never forget to change your filter on time.

"Well before the start of our Kickstarter campaign, throughout it, and still today, our VA is an integral part of the Soma team. We created a detailed plan before the launch and incorporated our VA's help. As we crafted each step we decided how our VA would fit in. Like every other team member our VA played a specific role in our efforts and remains an important piece of the puzzle. We couldn't have done it without Zirtual!"

— Mike del Ponte CEO & Co-founder, Soma Water

Rebekah Iliff

AirPR is a technology platform to increase PR performance.

Rebekah Iliff is the Chief Strategy Officer for AirPR, a technology platform to increase PR performance. Previously, she was the CEO of talkTECH Communications, where she created an industry-first methodology for emerging technology companies which positioned talkTECH as one of the fastest growing, launch-only PR firms in the US. She is currently a contributing writer for Entrepreneur, Inc., Huffington Post, and PRWeek's "The Hub."

"Zirtual changed my life in one week flat! My VA, Kyle, is a total rockstar and I am grateful to them for coming up with such a needed business for busy "poverty elite" entrepreneurs like myself!"

— Rebekah Iliff Chief Strategy Officer, AirPR

Tim & Pang Chang

Tim and Pang are also accomplished musicians who currently perform with CoverFlow.

Tim is a proven venture investor and experienced global executive, known for his thought leadership in Gamification, Quantified Self, and Behavioral/Social Science-led Design. He has been named to the Forbes Midas List of Top 100 Tech Investors, as one of CNET's 12 Most Influential Tech Investors and as a Power Player West, Digital Media and Mobile Power Player by Always On.

"Our VA has been terrific! She's got a very helpful and proactive attitude, pinging us regularly to ask us what she can do for us. She has a lot of experience supporting people on the go, and with having a newborn in addition to dealing with the logistics of playing in three bands who have pretty active performance schedules, that's where we thought Zirtual could really help us in our personal life."

— Tim Chang Managing Director at Mayfield Fund; bassist for BlackMahal & CoverFlow


FitStar is on a mission to inspire people to live healthier lives.

Fitstar has learned that our lives won't always make room for fitness; instead, fitness needs to be flexible to accommodate our lives. They're changing how people think about personal fitness and using technology to make that happen.

"Zirtual is indispensable for young companies and business owners. Zirtual is one of those operating unlocks that once you have it, you don't know how you lived without it."

— Mike Maser CEO & Co-founder, FitStar

The Challenge

When you're building a vision, a team and a product all at once, time is your ultimate currency. Every day presents both the opportunity to break ground and the risk of losing ground. At the end of the day I'd trade anything for an extra hour to ensure we've taken a step forward. And so, optimizing time is essential to our success.

Why Zirtual?

Zirtual feels like magic by granting me more time. Each hour of Zirtual's engagement is a full sixty minutes with the peace of mind that things are simply handled. The talented team at Zirtual recognizes the unique challenges facing entrepreneurs and they're experts in taking care of the things that need to get done so I can focus on moving our business forward. By efficiently managing my hectic schedule and planning travel to save me time and money, Zirtual is my most trusted partner in making sure business and life run smoothly.

The Benefits to using a VA

For starters, Zirtual matches you with an assistant tailored to your needs. I send an email or text to my VA and, without a second thought, I know that what I need is done. FitStar grew for a year without a permanent office, but I had the help of my VA all along. For many startup entrepreneurs, a traditional assistant is simply too costly to consider. Zirtual gives you the power of a traditional assistant at a cost that makes it a no-brainer. Whether I'm traveling, at the office, at home or on the move I rely on my VA to keep my life and work in control. For this, my team, colleagues, friends and family love Zirtual too.

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Jenny Blake

Meet Jenny Blake

Jenny Blake is an author, speaker and Silicon Valley-bred career and business coach living in NYC (when not out of a suitcase).

"For those of you considering hiring a virtual assistant, I cannot recommend Zirtual highly enough — this is easily one of the best things I did for my life and business last year."

— Jenny Blake Author. Blogger. International Speaker.

The Challenge

For YEARS I had read all the books and knew the importance of delegating and not being a bottleneck. But each time I tried to move forward with hiring someone, I got overwhelmed, discouraged and gave up. Who to hire? US or overseas? What should I delegate? How do I do it efficiently? Can I trust them? Thankfully I gave it another go and began using Zirtual and I've been hooked ever since. After just four days of working together, my VA became indispensable to my daily workflow.

Why Zirtual?

I love simplifying complexity through tools, templates and systems. My VA has been so outstanding to work with -- a total game-changer, as is the Zirtual service and workflow. This is one of the best things I did for my life and business last year. My VA quickly became indispensable, and I cannot live without her now.

The Benefits to using a VA

My VA immediately became an integral part of my business operations (and peace of mind) and I'm just sorry that I didn't sign up years ago. I am now delegating all kinds of things: scheduling meetings, personal appointments, travel booking, coordinating rides to the airport, making purchases, doing research, the list goes on! I cannot recommend Zirtual highly enough to businesses large and small, and even individuals who are looking to free up their time in a significant way. And who among us doesn't want a little more free time in our lives?

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