What We Do

What Can Zirtual Help Me With?

We can help with both your work and personal life tasks, letting you focus on what’s most important.


A dedicated research guru always at hand

Identify potential investors for an upcoming fundraise

Find office space and co-working facilities in any city

Solicit price quotes from multiple vendors for any project

Scout for talent during your next round of hiring

Prepare research reports around industry and market data

Identify client prospects based on target customer profiles


We’ll keep track of every receipt and help you shop smarter

Make purchases on your behalf, after finding the right price and product

Help you manage and stay on budget for your next company retreat

Create and send invoices on your behalf

Track and manage mileage reimbursement

Collate and categorize all of your receipts

Manage expense reports for you and your team

Social Media

Leave the day-to-day social media tasks to a reliable partner

Manage social media including Facebook and Twitter

Schedule blog posts and manage comments

Monitor social media conversations for new messages, followers, and engagement

Compile statistics from different analytics tools and native platforms

Setup email campaigns and monitor the results

Generate weekly reports to show progress of your campaigns


Take control of your inbox for good

Create filters and rules to organize mail

Answer non-essential emails graciously

Send a TL;DR on certain emails and alerts for the important ones

Use templates and rules for customer service inquiries

Organize contacts with detailed profiles

Mass respond to high volume emails


Put scheduling and calendar appointments on auto-pilot

Schedule service appointments with your dentist, doctor, and stylist

Correspond with co-workers to set up weekly meetings

Clear your calendar and notify everyone in emergencies

Verify meetings before you arrive to be sure everyone is on time

Setup daily itineraries including actionables for tomorrow

Highlight important events like birthdays, anniversaries and client milestones


Let you focus on the trip, not how to get there

Optimize your flights based on personal preferences

Reserve your Car and have it ready when you arrive

Find new restaurants for entertaining clients

Present detailed itineraries for an upcoming trip

Arrange pickup services for your trips home from the airport

Compare pricing of hotels to find the best deals


Let us help you get your personal life in balance to make work a bit easier

Schedule your next appointment with your doctor/dentist/hairdresser

Proofread content before you share it

Plan events from company outings to personal dinner parties

Handle phone calls so you can stay focused on pressing matters

Clear your to-do list of all your personal stuff

Send gifts on your behalf to always make you a hero

What Can’t Virtual Assistants Do?

There are in fact a few things that we can't do... yet. But we're constantly looking for ways to grow our capabilities even more.

In-person tasks.
We work virtually, but can schedule in-person services.
Legal, accounting or HR.
These are highly specialized roles.
Full time customer support.
We can handle a few outbound calls, but not inbound calls.
Writing and Content Creation
While we're happy to schedule, post, email and tweet, we just can't create them!
Cold calling and lead follow-up is best left to the sales team!
Receptionist Service
We can make and receive the occasional call, but we can’t be available all day.
We can help with research and more, but we leave the marketing plan creation to the pros!

What else can Zirtual help me with?

Work Related Tasking
Clean Inbox

Create filters, rules, etc. and answer any non-essential emails

Send a TL;DR on certain emails and alerts for the important ones

Use templates and rules for customer service inquiries

Manage Scheduling & Calendaring

Correspond with co-workers to set up weekly meetings

Set-up an end of day document for tomorrow’s meetings, complete with dossiers

Alert you to important events that are coming up and any actionables

Travel Coordination

Flight planning

Research new restaurants for taking clients

Build an itinerary for an upcoming trip

Conduct Research

Gather qualitative data on technology

Locate networking events

Create dossiers for new contacts/clients

Updated Social Media

Write and schedule tweets for Twitter

Assist with Kickstarter/Fundable campaign

Schedule social media or blog posts

Collect Data

Organize details of contacts

Sort and chart CRM data

Track and graph purchases from website

Personal Tasking
Set-up Appointments

Set up recurring appointments with your hair stylist

Find doctors/dentists in your network and book appointments

Find activities for your kids and keep their schedule current

Make Purchases

Research and buy gifts for your friends and family this holiday season

Have your meals and/or groceries bought and delivered

Compare and purchase any item (ex: running shoes, refrigerators, vehicles)

Plan Events

Locate venue for your wedding

Coordinate with vendors for family reunion

Send updates via social media

Drive Personal Goals

Keep you accountable and motivated

Find and provide resources to keep you on track

Set up a reward system for certain milestones

Manage Household Tasks

Meal planning

Schedule home cleaners

Pay bills & organize receipts

Using Zirtual was a game changer for me as CEO and also for our company. An incredible service run by brilliant people. Can't recommend highly enough!

Benji Rogers

CEO & Founder, Pledge Music

Now that I am so spoiled, I have no idea how I survived without a VA before. No joke. I am obsessed. Easily the best investment I've made so far.

Erica Wassinger

Managing Principal, ERW Public Relations

Courtney has been quite the Kickstarter guru. We cannot thank her enough for her responsiveness, dedication, and most of all, her outstanding quality of work.

Leif Ramsey

Creative Director, SVAD Productions