Save Time & Get More Done with a Virtual Personal Assistant.

Virtual Personal Assistants complete your everyday tasks so you can focus on more important things.

Work-life balance just got easier.

At Zirtual, our US-based virtual assistants are college-educated and professionally trained to tackle the details of your daily life. Our VAs schedule appointments, make reservations, book travel, shop for gifts, and consistently deliver peace of mind. We remove the burden of your personal to-do list so you can spend time doing the things you love.

How Can a Virtual Personal Assistant Help You?

  • Monthly bill paying
  • Vacation research and planning
  • Book flights, hotels, and rental cars
  • Schedule and rearrange appointments
  • Online grocery shopping
  • Purchase and ship gifts
  • Financial organization
  • Event and party planning
  • Make and confirm reservations
  • Organize personal and family calendar

Put more time into what you do best

Meet the Virtual Assistant who will support you.

Why lose sleep over the little things?

Valuable time and energy are lost organizing life’s mundane tasks.

You have more important things to accomplish than losing sleep wondering if the bill was paid, the appointment was rescheduled, or if you got the best deal on airline tickets.

Let us tackle your to-do list.

Give your goals and your loved ones the attention they deserve.

Off-load your everyday burdens and free up space to take on life’s bigger challenges. Virtual Personal Assistants give you the time you need to grow your business, enjoy your family, and get more done.


College educated, US based


Already trained in the skills you need


1 dedicated Zirtual Assistant


2-hour response time during business hours

flat fee virtual assistants

Flat rate monthly pricing


Support from other specialists on demand

Don’t just take our word for it.

Outsource and automate. The #1 resource we found for outsourcing is Zirtual. They will save you countless hours of work.

- Tim Ferriss

Author of "The 4 Hour Work Week"

Now that I am so spoiled, I have no idea how I survived without a VA before. No joke. I am obsessed. Easily the best investment I've made so far at ERW Public Relations.

- Erica Wassinger

Managing Principal

As a tech entrepreneur and father of two young kids, I have more things to do everyday than I possibly can. My VA, Molly, takes care of many day-to-day tasks and helps make my life manageable at PG Consulting.

- Prabhakar Gopalan


Find Your Assistant

In the modern business world, no business owner can deny the value a virtual personal assistant brings to their mental well-being. The only hiccup here is the hiring process which thankfully has been taken care of by virtual personal assistant services.

However, finding the right company to serve the unique needs of your business is a task in itself. If you are also in the same boat and looking for help, it’s time you drop your search, and read on. 

This feature will help you find the best virtual personal assistant service. We have reviewed the top 16 companies based on their experience, location, pricing, and expertise they offer. By the end of this read, you will be clear about which virtual personal assistant service you and your business need.

16 Of The Best Virtual Personal Assistant Service Providers

Our top 3 virtual personal assistant companies are:

  • Zirtual – Overall best for
  • Wishup – The most organized
  • Time etc – Critically acclaimed

Here is our detailed and vetted review of the 16 most promising personal virtual assistant services.

1. Zirtual – Top Pick

Virtual Personal Assistant - ZirtualWith a splash of virtual personal assistant services out there, Zirtual catches the attention of the business world for all the right reasons. Zirtual is the preferred VA hiring platform, particularly for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and other professionals.

The seamless experience with Zirtual personal VA is enhanced by the comprehensive yet easy-to-work-on dashboard. This tool is highly customizable so assigning tasks to the VAs and monitoring is not much demanding.

At Zirtual, our whole structure revolves around bringing ease to the clients and taking the task responsibility on our own shoulders. That is why our VAs are pre-trained to perform well even under pressure. And of course, their experience and skills speak louder than words.

Another feature to highlight here is that all the VAs are US-based college grads who know their onions and are available round the clock. Here is the best part; all this and more will not cost you an arm and leg. We have kept the prices super affordable because we believe in making a difference out there.

Pros And Cons Of Zirtual

Pros Cons
No contractual obligations No option for rollover hours
The packages do not come with a setup fee
Option to change assistant anytime is fully available 

Zirtual Pricing Plan

  • Entrepreneur Plan ($549/month): Offers 12 hours of work with 1 user.
  • Startup Plan ($849/month): Offers 24 hours of work with 2 users.
  • Small Business Plan ($1249/month): Offers 36 hours of work with 3 users.
  • Team Plan ($1699/month): Offers 50 hours of work with 5 users.

2. Wishup – Most Methodical

Virtual Personal Assistant - WishupHaving served more than 500 business owners with promising ratings, Wishup takes the first runner-up spot on our list. Wishup has been in the business for more than 15 years and they know what it takes to be the right support for business owners.

They have vast expertise ranging from very simple tasks to the most complex ones. You name the niche you need personal assistance in and they will provide you with an expert. The response time is amazing. You can have your personal assistant working for you within 24 hours of your request.

The VAs are pre-vetted and fully managed. Even then, if you feel you and your dedicated assistant are not on the same wavelength, you can get an instant replacement.

Pros And Cons Of Wishup

Pros Cons
Offer free consultation The company is not US-based
They offer $100 off on sign-up The pricing plan is not available on the website
Option of hassle-free replacement of VAs is available

Wishup Pricing Plan

Pricing is available on demand.

3. Time etc – Award Winning Service Provider

Virtual Personal Assistant - Time etcTime etc is an award-winning virtual personal assistant service. The company has more than 12 years of experience and 22,000 success stories linked to it. Google, KFC, and Virgin are some of the worthy names to mention.

The sign-up requires less than a minute since the website is so intuitive. It comes with a companion mobile app for further easing the clients. The client’s data security is valued the most at Time etc. That is why all the assistants sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect confidential information. 

About the VAs, Time etc hires only the best ones out there who then complete an extensive training program. This program ensures that the hired virtual assistant works independently with great efficiency. Alongside that, the assistant is available 24/7 to cater to all urgent tasks.

Pros And Cons Of Time etc

Pros Cons
Free trial available The service is pricer than an average VA service
Unused hours can be rolled over They offer a minimum of 10 hours of task delegation
Working with multiple assistants is free
Option to add more VAs in any plan is available

Time etc Pricing Plan

  • Plan A ($360/month): Offers 10 hours of work.
  • Plan B ($700/month): Offers 20 hours of work.
  • Plan C ($1360/month): Offers 40 hours of work.
  • Plan D ($1980/month): Offers 60 hours of work.

4. Equivity – Scalable Work Model

 Virtual Personal Assistant - EquivityWith Equivity, you can be assured that their VAs have all the proper credentials to do their job well. These personal VAs are trained to use the latest tech so that they can handle any situation with efficiency. Equivity offers top-notch administrative, marketing, and paralegal services to its clients.

There is no minimum or maximum time limit to work with Equivity and you aren’t bounded by any contracts either. The people at Equivity understand that client schedules aren’t always predictable, which is why they offer a flexible schedule. Hiring a personal VA becomes approachable for small company owners who are on a tight budget.

Pros And Cons Of Equivity

Pros Cons
No obligatory contracts No mention of rolling over unused hours on the website
Offer dedicated support 
Offer flexible monthly plans

Equivity Pricing Plan

  • Basic ($250/month): Includes 5 hours of work.
  • Standard ($480/month): Includes 10 hours of work.
  • Professional ($685/month): Includes 15 hours of work.
  • Enterprise ($1250/month): Includes 30 hours of work.
  • Advantage ($1920/month): Includes 50 hours of work.

5. WoodBows – Best Customer Experience

Virtual Personal Assistant - WoodBowsWoodBows was founded to provide excellent customer satisfaction. How? Well, they serve their clients by hiring only handpicked candidates. These VAs are trained and mentored by experienced professionals in this field. This ensures that the assistants you hire will be able to carry out your personal and business-related tasks effectively and efficiently.

WoodBows has a long history of providing personal assistant services. They have supported many companies grow their business by hiring their team members as personal assistants. The company has a competitive and flexible pricing model, which means their rates are based on the assistants’ experience and skill level.

Pros And Cons Of WoodBows

Pros Cons
Offer performance guarantee Woodbows rates vary with location
Roll over of hours is permitted  The support may not be US based
All VAs have a minimum of 10 years experience 
The time and productivity of assistants are monitored by Time Doctor

WoodBows Pricing Plan

  • Plan A ($599/month): Offers 40 hours of work.
  • Plan B ($999/month): Offers 80 hours of work.
  • Full-Time Plan ($1499/month): Offers 160 hours of work.

6. MyOutDesk – Diverse Talent

Virtual Personal Assistant - MyOutDeskMyOutDesk offers diversification in their hired talent. Most of their VAs are based in the Philippines with working offices in the US as well. The VAs are experts in what they do, thanks to the vetted hiring and rigorous training that is continuously provided.

Each client is assigned a dedicated Client Success Coordinator who trains, monitors, and assesses the performance of your administrative assistant so you don’t have to. MyOutDesk has served more than 7500 corporate brands with an experience exceeding most other companies in the same business.

Pros And Cons Of MyOutDesk

Pros Cons
Offers one week of free service No monthly plan available
Offers live chat customer support 
BBB accredited company with an A+ rating

MyOutDesk Pricing Plan

The pricing plan offered by MyOutDesk starts at $1988/month (charged quarterly)

7. – For Custom Solutions is another virtual assistant service that specializes in personal assistance. They have two offices based in El Salvadore and Miami. The company has a 13-year of experience and that helps them dig out custom solutions for their clients. From simple personal tasks like answering phone calls, managing appointments, or scheduling meetings to complex projects like data analysis, digital marketing tasks, or even organizing vacation trips abroad, you will get it all here.

The VAs at have a complete understanding of the customer-centric environment and culture via special training. That is why they will be able to work with anyone at any time without any problem. All of their VAs are college educated so that they have proficiency for any situation that may arise in their job role.

Pros And Cons Of

Pros Cons
Offers bilingual support Pricing details only available through consultation
Award-winning college grad staff
Globally recognized by various top names Pricing Plan

Pricing is available on request.

8. Belay – Wide-Ranging Expertise

If you’re looking for a personal assistant, but don’t have the time or resources to hire one full-time, Belay is a very good option. Belay works with you to find the right fit. They only hire US-based college graduate assistants. A Belay personal assistant is trained to focus on one thing; your needs and how to cater to them.

At Belay, you’ll get virtual assistants that specialize in a range of services including

  • Account services
  • Administrative tasks
  • Website management
  • Social media management

The company is critically acclaimed and the client portfolio is huge with some of the biggest brands availing their services.

Pros And Cons Of Belay

Pros Cons
Offer dedicated assistants No free trial is offered
College degree holder VAs For a pricing quote, have to wait for a callback
VAs from all states of America

Belay Pricing Plan

Belay offers custom pricing on demand.

9. 24/7 Virtual Assistant – Comprehensive Plans

24/7 Virtual Assistant has one vision and that is streamlining work for their clients and relieving them to focus on their critical business needs. 24/7 Virtual Assistant helps companies find their ideal VA by connecting them with experienced professionals who are ready to start working immediately.


The company is US based and believes in hiring professionals after a comprehensive verification process. The team aims to keep the costs low so that even small businesses with restricted finances can avail the best of their skilled VAs.

Pros And Cons Of 24/7 Virtual Assistant

Pros Cons
Offer transparency at all levels No free trial
Offshore and onshore availability of VAs No mention of rollover of unused hours
All plans houses web development, content, and SEO expertise

24/7 Virtual Assistant Pricing Plan

  • Entrepreneur ($399/month): Offers 20 hours of work.
  • Starter ($749/month): Offers 40 hours of work.
  • Professional ($1049/month): Offers 60 hours of work.
  • Office ($1399/month): Offers 80 hours of work.
  • Executive ($1999/month): Offers 120 hours of work.
  • VIP ($2549/month): Offers 160 hours of work.

10. LongerDays – Most Streamlined Process

LongerDays is a Michigan-based service provider that is known for its super personal assistants. Their teams are well equipped, have a vast range of expertise, and are trained for workflow integrations to fully adapt to customers’ systems. The company also provides managers who assist the dedicated VAs to make the process more streamlined.

Their VAs are understanding and supportive enough to know that all your personal errands and tasks are of utmost importance. And proficiency in such tasks can overall help you focus more on the tasks that require your caliber only.

Pros And Cons Of LongerDays

Pros Cons
No hidden charges No option of rollover of unused hours
Time tracking for tasks is enabled Addition of hours to an existing plan comes with higher costs
Offers month-to-month subscription plans

LongerDays Pricing Plan

  • Plan A ($695/month): Offers 16 hours of work.
  • Plan B ($995/month): Offers 24 hours of work.
  • Plan C ($1625/month): Offers 40 hours of work.

11. Priority VA – For Executive Assistance

Virtual personal assistants at Priority VA are not just any assistants. They are executive virtual assistants who understand your need to grow along with handling your administrative tasks. Priority VA values the importance of long-term collaborative relationships. That is why they offer highly trained dedicated VAs to business executives.

With Priority VA, you can hire as many assistants as you want for your project or task and for any length of time. You can even customize the process so that it fits perfectly with your needs and budget. They provide 24/7 assistance that allows you to get your work done regardless of the time zones.

Pros And Cons Of Priority VA

Pros Cons
VAs are Kolbe certified No free trial
Excellent customer support No clarity about pricing on the website
Free 30-minute consultancy call

Priority VA Pricing Plan

Pricing plan is available on request.

12. Premium Help – Backup Support

Premium Help is another company to make it to our list that specializes in helping businesses with their personal assistant needs. Having more than 10 years of experience in providing businesses with trained assistance, the company has won several awards for its outstanding work.

With a team of 70+ members, Premium Help values teamwork. That is why they make sure that if a task is delayed for some reason, more assistants add in a helping hand so there is no compromise on efficiency. For every task, a dedicated virtual assistant is assigned a supervisor who inspects the work they produce and makes sure it meets the standards before sending it back to the client.

Pros And Cons Of Premium Help

Pros Cons
Daily task status updates No free trial
Offer 15 min free consultation Support is not US based
Complete transparency over pricing plans

Premium Help Pricing Plan

  • Plan A ($249/month): Offers 20 hours of work.
  • Plan B ($449/month): Offers 40 hours of work.
  • Plan C ($799/month): Offers 80 hours of work.
  • Plan D ($1299/month): Full-time employee.

13. Unity Communications – Most Tech Savvy

Unity Communications taps our list for bringing the tech approach to personal virtual assistance that enhances efficiency. A US-based company that has been running the operation since 2009, Unity Communications has bagged some of the most prestigious awards and accolades.

The personal assistants are recruited after a strict vetting process and undergo rigorous training. Some of the popular tech integrations Unity Communications use are Basecamp, Zendesk, Zoho, and more. They also stand out because of the call center service they provide for your product. The operating agreements are custom build catering to the unique needs of the clients.

Pros And Cons Of Unity Communications

Pros Cons
Have won multiple award Pricing not available on the website
More than 12 years of experience  VAs may not be college degree holders
Resources available from across the globe

Unity Communications Pricing Plan

Premium Help pricing plan is available on request.

14. MyVA360 – For Smarter Solutions

MyVA360 is a virtual assistant service provider that has received recognition from leading platforms like Fox, NBC, Yahoo, and more. They are well known for their services to the business world. May it be a small business, real estate, Amazon sellers, or personal assistance.

The team is proficient in using project management tasks platforms to bail you out of the daily chaos of your professional and personal life. Data entry, booking tickets, or reminders for an appointment had never been so easy and hassle-free.

Their pricing may be a tad bit higher as compared to an average VA company but their plans offer way more value in comparison.

Pros And Cons Of MyVA360

Pros Cons
No hidden charges Expect pricing to be higher than the average
Offers a 4-hour free trial
Rollover hours available in every plan

MyVA360 Pricing Plan

  • Savvy Officer ($360/month): Offers 15 hours of work.
  • Life in harmony ($690/month): Offers 30 hours of work.
  • Pro master ($945/month): Offers 45 hours of work.
  • Virtual Jedi ($1200/month): Offers 60 hours of work.

15. AVirtual – For Tailored Needs

AVirtual is a personal virtual assistant service provider that offers world-class expertise at the best possible prices. Their main area of expertise is back-office support, administration marketing, and personal assistance.

Although the time zone may not be the same for many, they offer thorough flexibility in work hours. The VAs are efficient, trained, and have a complete understanding of how valuable your time is. With AVirtual, you get to have a dedicated VA with round-clock support.

Pros And Cons Of AVirtual

Pros Cons
Free trial and consultation Work hours in the plan are not clear
Response time is excellent Only one plan is mentioned on the website
Plans are completely scalable

AVirtual Pricing Plan

AVirtual offers custom plans that start at £120/month.

16. Virtalent – Best Communication

Virtalent is a UK-based virtual personal assistant provider that specializes in providing services to businesses (any size) including executive personal assistance, marketing support, and more. Virtalent VAs are talented and vetted to do any kind of task however hard they may be.

Communication with the client is tops because Virtalent believes that everything starts with good communication. All the VAs are thorough professionals with years of experience in the relevant field. And being a native English speaker adds more volume to it. Virtalent ensures that you are matched with the right resource that best suits your needs.

Pros And Cons Of Virtalent

Pros Cons
No hidden charges No free trial
Provides top-notch data security  Adding more hours in a plan is costly
Unused hours can be rolled over

Virtalent Pricing Plan

  • Entrepreneur (£270/month): Offers 10 hours of work.
  • Small Business (£520/month): Offers 20 hours of work.
  • Executive (£1000/month): Offers 40 hours of work.
  • Ultimate (£1440/month): Offers 60 hours of work.


We understand you need assistance in booking your appointments, setting reminders, planning events, and answering your emails just so you be the creative person you are. Subtracting the stress of handling tasks that are not your cup of joe is the only way you will get to the next point of your career.

We searched, we compared, and we did everything we could to come up with this list of the top 16 virtual personal assistant services so that you could easily plump for one and get things rolling. Our top pick, no surprise here, is Zirtual for its most comprehensive personal assistant services.

The rigorously vetted Zirtual VAs know what it takes to be a reliable personal assistant. Once you hire from us, get ready for your stress, anxiety, and slower bizdev to be taken over by a storm. Request a consultation with us to know what you are missing out on.

In the modern business world, no business owner can deny the value a virtual personal assistant brings to their mental well-being. The only hiccup here is the hiring process which thankfully has been taken care of by virtual personal assistant services.

However, finding the right company to serve the unique needs of your business is a task in itself. If you are also in the same boat and looking for help, it’s time you drop your search, and read on. 

This feature will help you find the best virtual personal assistant service. We have reviewed the top 16 companies based on their experience, location, pricing, and expertise they offer. By the end of this read, you will be clear about which virtual personal assistant service you and your business need.