Travel Without Adding Pounds And Stress

by | January 26, 2015

For some the most stressful part of traveling is not packing, it’s worrying about eating what makes you feel happy and healthy while you’re out of town. With all of the pushing and pulling on schedules and planning the last thing you think of is what you will eat on your trip.

Bring Your Own Food

Bringing treats packed with protein will keep you sustained throughout your travels. Apples, protein bars and nuts will keep you going and travel very well. Many athletes carry Caveman Bars with them everywhere. Keep in mind food that don’t leak or will smashed in your luggage.

Drink Plenty of Liquid

As tempting as is it is to fuel your trip with soda and coffee, mix it up with water and juices especially if traveling in different altitudes. Bring your own water bottle to ensure your drinking every few hours. This will help minimize jet-lag and being out of it in general.

Stock Your Hotel Room

When you arrive at your destination take a quick trip to the local store to stock up on healthy goodies for your stay. Reaching for snacks and foods that you normally eat will help you stay focused and feel like you’re ready for your activities.

Don’t Forget to Eat Breakfast

Just like at home, you’ll be more prepared for the day after a full stomach. You can create a tasty mix of oatmeal and fruit in your room or have the local diner create a delicious egg white omelet to supercharge your day. Check with AroundMe to find healthy and unique options near you.

Exercise and Enjoy the Scenery

Pack your tennis shoes and swimsuit to take advantage of the hotel’s gym or get outside to explore. Ask the concierge for recommendations for a safe running or walking path around the hotel. Or stay in your room and get your solitary workout done based on The Hotel Room Workout.

Relax, Unwind and Re-Focus

You’ve got a lot to accomplish while out of town. Make sure you’re bringing your “A Game” with a little alone time. Even the most extreme extroverts need some reflexion and processing time between incredible brainstorming meetings and late night client dinners. Create a calm place whereever you are with soothing apps like

Sleep Like a Baby

If there’s one routine to try to keep constant while traveling; sleep can take priority. Start out your trip with choosing a flight at a comfortable time or arriving a day early to get your bearings for the city and a good nights sleep. Apps like Jetlag Genie give you the ideas of when to sleep, eat, and even take melatonin to help with time changes. Also, give yourself time to unplug and let emails roll to the next day if they do not pertain to the event you’re attending.