TOTD: Zirtual Assistant Helps Client Get To Burning Man

by | September 2, 2014

Task of the day looks back at unique tasks Zirtual Assistants helped their clients with. It gives you a look into new tasks you can have your assistant complete. Get setup with your own virtual assistant today.

Going to Burning Man isn’t something you just wake up one day and decide to do. Having the proper experience sometimes requires weeks or months of planning – from ticket sales to accommodation arrangements to preparing art installs there is a lot that goes into a week in the Black Rock Desert.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Burning Man is a weeklong festival in northern Nevada embodying community, art, self-expression and self-reliance. You can expect to see anything and everything at the festival – and it’s all welcomed & encouraged.

How does a Zirtual Assistant help with getting ready for Burning Man? Let’s see.

The Basics

You’ve probably discovered that your ZA is a master at booking travel, finding the best deals on any of your travel plans. They’re also able to secure tickets to events that have the potential to sell out. Have your ZA purchase tickets the minute they’re available like this client did. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that someone is handling the first step in attending.

Once the event ticket is taken care of, the next step is to hop on flights. Odds are flights into Reno will book up quickly so jumping on them right away is smart. Have this be the second task for your ZA.


The options for where you stay at Burning Man are endless. RVs, tents, vans, or even on the desert floor. You can rough it in the desert or bring a bit of comfort from home with you. This ZA found had the task of finding an air conditioned yurt that would be assembled by arrival. That is the ultimate perk – having accommodations taken care of so when you arrive you go straight to the fun.


With no motorized vehicles allowed and a speed limit of 5mph having some fun wheels to get around in the desert is absolutely necessary. Now, these aren’t your everyday Fixies, they’re bespoke pieces of art as unique as the minds that thought them up. Your ZA comes in handy helping you arrange transport of your creation or even sourcing a local artist to make you something special. And don’t forget to order those bike baskets!


Water. Glow sticks. Body paint. Food. These little things you don’t want to forget but always seem to get pushed until the last minute. Give your ZA a heads-up and have all the items waiting for you when you arrive at Black Rock City.

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