Top Business Apps That Take Work Out of Networking

by | December 29, 2020

Networking is very crucial in business. However, finding the right people to network with isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Fortunately, there are business networking apps that make it easier. Whether looking to plan a meet-up or keep in touch, you will find these apps very helpful.

But why bother about using business networking apps? Here are some key benefits of using business networking applications:

Get you fresh ideas

Besides connecting you with new like-minded professionals, these apps allow you to gather ideas and insights you may not have thought of. Not to mention that they also give you a chance to share your ideas, which is a good way of building your reputation.

Simplify networking

Some apps like MeetMe make it easier to meet your contacts by allowing you to choose a convenient meet-up place. Others allow you to meet virtually, which means you have enough time to concentrate on other core activities.

Boost your networking ability

If you consider yourself a veteran networker, business networking apps will boost your performance. The best thing about using these apps is that even your virtual assistance (VA) can manage your connection when you away or busy.

Very easy to use

I have used most networking apps out there and can tell you confidently that they are straightforward to use. Shapr, for example, allows you to swipe right to meet the connection and swipe left to pass on a connection.

Free to use

It is free to use most of these apps, and just a few require you to pay a small fee to access the premium features. Why then struggle to make new business connections while there are excellent free apps out there? Save some money by using them today!

Now that you know why you need a business networking app, let’s look at how you can give a shot!

Best business networking apps


First on our list is Happening, a great iPhone application that makes it easier for you to meet like-minded professionals. It does so by locating upcoming professional events within the locality you picked and storing them in your calendar.


Any entrepreneur looking to network, without a doubt, finds LinkedIn to very helpful. It offers a great way to manage your professional identity, access insights, build relationships, create opportunities for others, and much more. With about 500 million people using LinkedIn, this apps makes it easier for you to connect with other like-minded professionals.


If your business takes you to many places, you will really love Aloqa. It is dependent on your phone’s GPS to determine where you are and ensure you get the most out of your surroundings. For example, it may recommend the best events, activities, and places to eat.

It works well with both iPhones and Android devices.


Ripple is a great alternative to LinkedIn and makes business networking an easy task. I really liked how it made it easier for me to connect with some professionals while in Vancouver.


GroupMe boasts of great features like free group messaging that improve your business interaction. With this tool, you can comfortably create different chat rooms for different projects and teams. You can also coordinate with colleagues, share valuable information in real-time, etc.

It is free to use this app!

Common Connect

Looking to meet people with whom you share a common interest? Then try Common Connect. It is designed to connect people based on career, proximity, and interests. Once you set your preferences in any job title, niche, or field and hit scan, a list of potential like-minded experts you can connect to will pop up.

Additionally, you can use this app when hosting a conference or event. It is available on both Google Play and Apple Store.


Shapr has really helped me meet like-minded experts who would like to connect. It can also do the same for you! Just fill in your preferences and let the app do its things. It is undoubtedly worth downloading and installing!


Not once MeetMe has come to my aid when trying to connect with professionals who live miles away. This iPhone app always recommends a convenient place for both of us to meet. It works by letting you choose your current location and that of your contact, and in turn, gives a list of possible places you can meet in the middle. Why then stress yourself on possible places to meet and connect while this app does that for you?


Are you struggling to meet people of interest? Then Weave is probably the networking application you have been looking for. It matches you with the right person, set up a meeting date and time, and keeps alerting you about that day.

Once done with the meeting and based on what you share with it, Weave can refine your future matches. Is this not an app you really need?

There are many great networking apps out there that will enable you to connect with the right professionals in your niche and beyond. Try them, one at a time, until sure of which addresses your needs well, then begin connecting.

And, as always, if you’re loaded with a pile of work and need an extra pair of hands to help get networking opportunities set up for you, consider hiring a virtual assistant to make things easier on you.