The Top 20 Virtual Assistant Recruiter Companies

by | September 14, 2020


Are you looking for a virtual assistant recruiting company? Whether you want to work as a virtual assistant yourself or you’re looking for a company to help you fill your open virtual assistant role, using the right company is critical. Check out the top 20 virtual assistant recruiter companies below. 

What is a Virtual Assistant Recruiter?

A virtual assistant recruiter is a recruitment company that specializes in recruiting and training virtual assistants. Virtual assistants can fill many of the same roles as an in-person assistant. Often, they offer additional advantages, including increased accessibility and convenience. An effective recruiter can help you find a virtual assistant with the exact skills you need to fill your open roles. Some companies focus on specific skills, searching out multilingual employees or employees with medical skills. Other recruitment companies focus on providing highly-trained virtual assistants to fill your open position. 

What Are All the Ways Virtual Assistant Recruiters Charge for Their Services?

Virtual assistant recruiters will charge for their services based on specific models. Some recruitment companies charge a flat fee in order to keep your company in the virtual assistants it needs to keep running smoothly. Others will charge to position a virtual assistant with you. You may also choose to work with a recruitment company that will provide you with virtual assistants on an hourly or per-job basis. 

The Top 20 Virtual Assistant Recruiters

There are many companies out there that claim to offer access to virtual assistants. In order to choose the most effective virtual assistant recruitment company, make sure that you choose a company that helps with training and onboarding to streamline the process of introducing your new virtual assistant to your office environment. Some of the best virtual assistant recruiters include:

  1. Zirtual. Zirtual recruits and provides training for virtual assistants, making it easier for them to transition into the company. 
  2. Mya. Mya offers an AI recruiting solution that streamlines the recruitment process and helps find highly-qualified candidates for open positions. 
  3. At, the focus is on connecting remote workers to remote jobs–an increasingly important option in a society where more things are virtual than ever. 
  4. ZipRecruiter. ZipRecruiter makes it easy to post and consider open positions, including virtual assistant jobs. It will also send out notifications to candidates looking for open jobs. 
  5. Elite Virtual Assistants. Elite Virtual Assistants provides boutique virtual assistant services to companies across the United States, with a strong focus on the training and skills needed by law firms. 
  6. Upwork. On Upwork, interested candidates can find both short- and long-term work, including filling virtual assistant roles. This is a great way to get started working as or utilizing a virtual assistant. 
  7. helps increase placements for interested employees and offers a platform that makes it easy to connect with interested virtual assistants. 
  8. NAS Recruitment. The NAS Recruitment platform uses AI technology to help connect candidates to open positions. 
  9. Prialto. Prialto helps high-powered executives connect with virtual assistants who can help make their lives–and their jobs–easier. 
  10. The Virtual Hub. At The Virtual Hub, recruiting a virtual assistant is simple. The Virtual Hub helps walk interested executives through the process, making it easier for them to find the employees they need to fill those open roles. 
  11. BELAY. BELAY wants its clients to experience higher rates of success while juggling fewer responsibilities. It helps take over the task of choosing and placing a virtual assistant so that executives can focus on the most important tasks on their To Do lists. 
  12. HelloRache. HelloRache provides services specifically geared toward helping medical professionals, including doctors, psychologists, and veterinarians, find virtual assistants with the skills they need. 
  13. MyOutDesk. MyOutDesk helps provide professional virtual assistants who can aid in saving money and helping busy executives focus on the other tasks they need to perform. 
  14. Magic. Magic focuses on providing remote agents and assistants who can help grow businesses and increase efficiency.
  15. MyTasker. This popular company provides an array of virtual assistant services for companies around the world. 
  16. WoodBows. WoodBows offers flexible virtual assistant solutions that clients can adapt in order to fit their changing needs. 
  17. Ossisto. Bookkeeping, business support, and personal advice that can help you succeed: Ossisto helps businesses achieve the next level of success through virtual assistants. 
  18. AVirtual. This award-winning company offers access to high-quality virtual assistants. 
  19. European Virtual Assistant.  European Virtual Assistant offers access to multilingual virtual assistants who can help fill those vital job roles. 
  20. 20Four7VA. This top-tier company helps connect freelance virtual assistants with employers who need them.

Finding the right virtual assistant for your business is critical. By utilizing these companies, you can find a virtual assistant with the skills and tools necessary to step into your organization, save you time, and make your job easier so that you can focus on the activities that only you can do.