This desk will correct your posture, order your lunch, and wirelessly charge your phone

by | May 6, 2015

Technology has made its way into all aspects of our lives. From smarter refrigerators, toothbrushes, and shoes we leverage tech to improve our quality of life on a daily basis. What hasn’t changed much since the introduction of the standing version is the desk. Don Huynh has created an autonomous desk that might actually be smarter than some of the devices you use daily while also making you more productive. Currently on Kickstarter, Don’s desk is $499 or $599 depending on what features you get. The highest end model comes with all the tech. It’ll wirelessly charge your phone or other devices if they have wireless charging capabilities. The desk will also recommend that you sit if you’ve been standing too long, and vice versa. It learns your habits and tailors its recommendations to fit. The tech really comes into play when you look at its interaction with connect apps and devices. Craving nearby sushi? It’ll find a place via Foursquare. Want to adjust the temperature in your office, you can simply tell your desk to do it via Nest. The possibilities are endless as it can integrate with dozens of apps available in its Desk Store. Smart desk that:

  • wirelessly charges your phone
  • reminds you to adjust your posture
  • control all your connected devices
  • order you food, remind you of meetings, etc.