Snack Foods to Naturally Boost Productivity & Focus

by | July 18, 2014

It’s a couple of hours after lunch, and time can not be moving any slower. Sugar levels are stagnant. You find yourself in a weird limbo between lethargy and responsibility. The big hand on the clock begins to move backwards. You have entered the Twilight Zone of work: a black hole of time in the early to mid afternoon.

Are you hungry? Are you not? What can you do to fight this impending battle of nature, in which you find yourself mindlessly reading Reddit, or rewriting the same sentence in an email? There is a way…the way of food.

Not only is food good, but food is also helpful. When you find yourself struggling to get that report done here are quick snack foods that naturally boost productivity and focus:

Dark Chocolate: You ever meet people who are “so obsessed” with chocolate? And they are the most alert humans on Earth? Well – now we know why. Chocolate contains properties that increase endorphins, which boosts concentration and protects brains from oxidative stress.

Nuts and Seeds: Heart healthy, blood flow steady, sharpness ready – what’s not to like? Nuts and seeds with their healthy, unsaturated fats are snacks that will provide fuel, improve functionality, enable focus, keep you full, and stabilize your brain flow.

Tea or Coffee: Some argue that coffee causes crashes, and others say tea doesn’t give you that boost you need. But the caffeine found in both is vital in fighting fatigue. Learn how much your body needs, and tea and coffee will provide the boost.

Water: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Not only will you feel good, but you’ll be forced to get up from your chair every once in awhile to use the restroom. Some of the reasons as to why lethargy occurs, is that our blood flow slows down, and thus, toxins build up. Water restores that natural balance, cleaning our bodies out and making us feel more productive (regardless of sitting).

Berries: Quick to prepare, delicious to eat. But did you know there is actual scientific research supporting the bountiful benefits of berries? The antioxidants improve memory, fight mental aging, and encourages motor coordination!

Eggs: This may not be the most conventional snack on the list, but it sure well is the best. A study by several world-renowned international universities, showed that the protein from the yolk stimulates brain cells, keeping us alert and functional.

It’s a good idea to keep a little box of these goodies by your desk. Costco style. But make sure the eggs and fruits are fresh; you don’t want to make enemies at work!

Bonus tip: other foods that are great for natural boosts in energy and focus include: lentils, leafy greens, garlic, whole grains, yogurt, curry, and salmon.