Prep For Life Like Every Day Is Comic Con

by | April 6, 2015

There’s a lot going on at Comic-Con; you find entertainment, fandoms, superheroes and whatnot but underneath the flashing, colorful displays of fictional characters, there is much to learn about basics of life. Who knew the secret to success might just be found within something like Comic-Con? Here are all the ways you can prep for life like every day is Comic-Con – and prep well and good, at that!

Being “Too Early” Actually Helps

Everyone knows the passes for Comic-Con sell as fast as wildfire spreads. Fans of various fandoms are hanging on tight, just waiting to get the passes as soon as possible so your chances of getting a pass only look good if you’re early. This rule applies in life quite well. There is competition everywhere and for everything – be early, don’t procrastinate and grab that chance before someone else does.

Costumes Matter

In Comic-Con, thousands of people dress up as their favorite characters even if it is just for fun. Now this doesn’t mean you should dress up in cosplay every day but in general, being in the right getup for the right setting matters. For example, a job interview or a date. The right “costume” can go a long way for your success!

Creativity Stands Out

Just like there are countless people in costume at Comic-Con, there are countless people that look just like you in everyday life. What fans do to stand out at Comic-Con is add creativity and an extra spark to their costume to stand out and doing that in real life can help you stand out as well.

Be Comfortable and Join In the Setting You Are In

At Comic-Con, everyone automatically becomes comfortable with each other. It’s a silent acknowledgement from one fan to another and the overall environment is pleasant for the attendees. This is something many people miss out on in real life. They forget to be comfortable in their environment but actually being comfortable can make any experience seem a lot more pleasant.

Be Positive

Really, you hardly see a sad face at Comic-Con. Everyone is so busy enjoying the event and celebrating their favorite shows or comics that they automatically radiate positivity which makes their Comic-Con experience completely awesome. Indulging in the same kind of positivity in your everyday life can make a huge difference for you. It may take a little effort to start with but once you get used to it, it’ll be a good ride.

Have a Good Time

And lastly, the most important thing to remember in your life is to enjoy and have a good time like everyone does at Comic-Con. No matter what step of life you take or what place you go to, it is an experience and deserves to be enjoyed to the fullest. Prep for your life like every day is Comic-Con and live your life like it as well!

Featured Image: Victor Shoup