Meet Benjamin Clyne: A Zirtual Assistant Channeling A Superhero Identity

by | October 17, 2014

Zirtual Assistants are a unique group united by their careers that allow them to work completely from home, cafes, or anywhere the internet is connected — pretty sweet, huh? But there’s so much more to being a virtual assistant than that. We like to give you the opportunity to get to know our assistants a little personally by highlighting them one by one.

What’s the name of the amazing ZA? Benjamin Clyne

Where is he from? Reno, NV

When did he first join the Z team? November 2013 (Almost his 1-year Zirtu-versary!)

What movie best describes his life? Gross Pointe Blank: Just a guy looking for love and absolution in a world that is short on both. And also I kill people for money. (Not really! Our ZAs do not double as hit-people)

What’s it like teleworking? Anything you would change? It’s been wonderful to have all the freedom that comes with working for Zirtual. Working as an artist also, Zirtual gives me the freedom to focus on and be surrounded by my creative environment a great deal which is invaluable. The only downside is that I sometimes get a little cabin fever being in the same place so much. That is easily solved with walks along the river or working from coffee shops though.

What does working for Zirtual allow you to do that a traditional job wouldn’t allow? Working for Zirtual has also allowed me to spend time with friends in San Francisco, my brother’s house near the beach in S. California, Etc., without having to take time off work. Not being beholden to a place with just high-speed internet is a glorious freedom.

Can you describe the most unique task you’ve gotten? The most unique tasks involve the same unique client. He has a very high trust level with our service. I maintain the monthly prescription call-ins for his beloved pet cat as well as having researched feline blood pressure monitors. I have also gone through his credit statements and got his credit raised nearly 200 pts!

Why should someone sign up for a Zirtual? Why? Because they value their time and talent enough to have more and use more of both.

Any last words? I just want to say how proud I am of Maren, Erik, and Collin. I saw them near the beginning, living together in a tiny apartment in the tenderloin of San Francisco working very hard towards the success that Zirtual is now and I know it’s only the tip of the iceberg for what Zirtual will continue to become.

And just for kicks, Ben is also a defender of clean environment. Remember to recycle!