Going On Vacation? Your Virtual Assistant Doubles As Your Travel Agent

by | October 1, 2014

The holidays are approaching and what better time to change routine than to go on vacation? But there are thousands of places to visit and millions of things to do. Maybe you have three kids or are single. Perhaps you speak Spanish and want to relax at the beach, or you finally got around to seeing The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and want to skateboard in Iceland.

Either way, there are too many options, so how are you going to commit to a decision? Delegate this process and more to your virtual assistant and you will have to do nothing except show up at the airport (hopefully with a suitcase).

Research Where to Go

Avoid the headache-inducing process of sifting through hundreds of websites for the best deals by delegating it. You have a budget, a time frame, and an idea; allow your Zirtual Assistant to do the rest. Is it a sunny, beachfront party you want? Miami. Is it all-inclusive resort time with the kids and spouse? Club Med in the Bahamas. You like to be freezing cold and see good art? Amsterdam.

Book Tickets

The best type of delegation is one that takes time not equal to its value. With booking flights, save at least an hour by not dealing with the time suck of comparing prices between the airline’s websites & aggregators. That time is now used finishing up work or personal projects so you will not be leaving stressed!

Where to Stay

Part of what makes the trip memorable is where you lay your head at night. Is the neighborhood bustling at night or will you be able to get sound sleep? Are you close to public transportation? What sites are walkable? These are questions that you could spend hours on but your assistant is a pro at finding them in no time.

What To Pack

You are leaving for a week and you have no idea what to bring! Are you going to a place with drinkable water? Or is below zero degrees? Have your virtual assistant carve out a simple list of required pieces or clothing and tools to battle (or play with) the winter elements.

Create An Itinerary

Are you a to-the-book traveler? Or are you a free-floater? Either way, you may be going to a place you have never visited before. Your assistant can design an itinerary for you that reflects your needs and expectations. Is it relaxing you want, or is it sight-seeing? Do you like architecture or do you want to dance? Many questions to ask, but sometimes it takes an outsider to see what you really want.

Day Of Travel

Rest assured your upgrade was requested. Know that you’re checked-in to each flight. Have confidence that your family will safely get to and from the airport because your Zirtual Assistant has arranged and confirmed it all ahead of time. All you have to do is wake-up, show up, and enjoy your vacation.

Doesn’t traveling with a Zirtual Assistant take the stress out of travel?