Give The Gift Of Zirtual This Holiday Season

by | December 15, 2014

Brace yourselves: gift receipts are coming. It’s that time of year when we stare into our crystal balls to think beyond the gift card with a thoughtful, meaningful, and useful gift. The work that goes into planning the perfect gift for our busy husbands, aunts, sisters, brothers, mothers, friends, or fathers is enough to drive anyone one shade of grey closer to Mr. Claus himself.

We’ve got an idea that will certainly make any budding entrepreneur smile with relief: their very own Zirtual Assistant.

What might seem like an odd gift actually offers very real tangible benefits. Our ZAs have been helping business owners, executives, professors, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, media moguls, and nearly any industry you can think of get more out of their day through delegation.

We’ve saved thousands of individuals tens of thousands of hours because they’ve found how productive delegating is.

These professionals have been able to offload busy work to their ZA and now are able to scale their businesses, spend more time with their families, or simply get back to the hobbies they’ve given up the last few years.

When you give the gift of a Zirtual Assistant you’re not just giving someone the latest gadget they’ll forget about in a few weeks, you’re opening them up to a better life through delegation.

Here’s what they get with any of our monthly plans:

  • A Dedicated, US Based ZA
  • 16, 32, or 55 Hours Of Assistance Per Month
  • Availability From 9am to 6pm (local times)
  • Same-day turnaround*
  • Email, phone, or SMS** support

Additionally, they have access to our Zirtual network offering exclusive discounts to a wide range of partners like Uber, Bond, DocuSign, Bench, and many more.

To gift your loved one with a Zirtual subscription or to learn more about our different plan types contact our team or give us a ring at 1 (800) 997-9714.

Happy Holidays!

*Some restrictions will apply. For example, if you send a task minutes before the work day closes, it is unlikely to be completed that same day.

**SMS support is for select plans only