Experience The Romance Of Paris And The Maldives Without Leaving Your Home

by | February 5, 2015

Sometimes packing up and taking a flight halfway around the world just isn’t a convenient way to rekindle the romance. But if sweeping off to another country still sounds appealing, channel that adventurous spirit into your endeavors in the kitchen. With a little bit of effort, you can bring the flavors of some of the world’s most romantic destinations right into your own home.

Maldives Beach Bumming

Who hasn’t dreamed of an island getaway with white sand beaches and water bungalows? Bring it home without getting sand between your toes.

  • Dining: Tuna is a staple to the islanders diet; they even have a special way to prepare it known as Maldive fish. Unfortunately, it’s not yet exported globally, but there are still plenty of tuna dishes that you can cook, such as Theluli Mas. The full recipe can be found online, but it’s essentially tuna steaks marinated in curry powder and tomato paste, then fried in coconut or vegetable oil. Serve with rice and vegetables.

An Island Twist On A Steak Dinner

  • Go the extra mile: sign up for to the Three Month Friday Night Curry Subscription with your significant other and adventure the wide range of curry spices together. The promise to spend more quality time together is as much a gift as the subscription.

  • A****mbience: Visit your local craft store and put together a sandy tray with candles and seashells for the table. Pick up some lays for a playful touch, and visualize the islands when you pick out your outfit for the evening.

Easy, Simple, Dreamy

  • Gifts: A gift certificate for a new swimsuit or sunglasses makes a perfect gift for the evening’s theme, while assuring the recipient will get exactly what they want.

A Parisian Excursion

The long wide avenues, open parks and beautiful views are complemented by the historic architecture and general air of love and passion. Journey with your senses, and be inspired to gaze into each other’s eyes all night long.

  • Dining: Take a shortcut to the delicious, simmered-all-day Coq Au Vin by using rotisserie chicken and this 34-minute recipe. Start off the evening off with a cheese, fruit, and cracker plate and then delight your guest with your classic French meal.

Full Stomachs, Warm Hearts

  • Foodie Tip: buy the cheese wedges, fruit, and crackers, and then prepare the plate yourself. This small amount of effort makes a huge difference as compared to a deli tray.

  • Ambience: YouTube has a free French Music Playlist, and sites where you may have an existing membership (like Spotify or Pandora) usually have options to peruse as well. Of course, some classical music playing softly in the background is perfectly suited, if you are not a fan of the French music style. A vase of fresh flowers on the table is reminiscent of a French outdoor bistro.

Elegance, Style, Romance

  • Go the extra mile: dress formally, even in your own home – the French are nothing if not stylish. Or for a more casual flair, enjoy the cheese plate in a nearby park before retiring for the main course.

  • Gifts: Inspired by French artists and museums, a canvas and paint set or a beautiful new journal is a nice change from the typical dinner gift of chocolates or jewelry. An espresso cup set or a cheese plate allows your special someone to take a little bit of your French soiree home, to enjoy as often as they like.

While beaches and Paris easily come to mind when dreaming of romance, there are so many other global destinations that can inspire a beautiful night in. Or, if your guest has a favorite meal already, discover the origins of that meal, and bring touches of that place into the evening. With a little bit of thought and effort, you can carry your significant other into a new and exciting place and create some new memories, without ever leaving home.