Why Zirtual?

We Only Hire College Educated, U.S. Based Assistants.

Imagine you've screened thousands of college-educated and highly trained assistants and prepared them for this very job — and you only had to pick one. We've done that for you.

  • U.S.-based
  • College Educated
  • Less than 2% of applicants hired

Already Trained. Ready Today.

Your new VA has already been professionally trained for this roleā€”and they are ready right now.

  • Highly trained
  • Professionally managed
  • Proficient in Microsoft, Google and most popular productivity suites

Bad fit? No problem.

Concerned that your particular VA isn't the right fit? No problem. One email to our Support team and you've got another great team member ready to go immediately. No uncomfortable conversations and minimal downtime. Plus we already have all of your preferences and history saved and ready to transfer!

  • No hassle replacement
  • One email and done
  • All of your preferences are ready to go

Compare Zirtual to the Alternatives


  • Cost
  • Time to Start
  • Replacement Issue
  • Training
  • Expertise

Hire Full-Time

  • $3,000+
  • 4 - 8 weeks
  • Restart hiring
  • 2 - 4 weeks
  • Specific to person

Outsource Tasks

  • $200 - $1,000
  • 1 week
  • Re-interview contractors
  • Spotty
  • Specific to contractor

Did we mention our VAs are also pretty cool people?

We hire the type of people that we'd want to be around every day: smart, outgoing and ambitious. We want to make sure we connect you to a talented VA that does top quality work but also to someone with an awesome personality that you'll get along with. You might be surprised that some of our VAs are entrepreneurs themselves; from owning a cupcake business to writing a fashion blog, you're working with some really talented individuals.

Smart and skilled

Ambitious, looking to anticipate needs

Upbeat and with a wicked sense of humor

Courteous, friendly folks

Sound like the kind of team you'd like to work with?

We're always looking for talented individuals to join our team and change the way people work.

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I've just had two of the most productive weeks I've had in years. Ben was perfectly matched to my temperament, and has been taking all the backlogged work off my plate and finishing it. I'm really impressed.

Steve Simitzis

CTO & Co-Founder, Let's Date

Zirtual has been amazing! All of the issues and concerns that I had in previously working with an off-shore company have been sorted at Zirtual.

Michael Puhala

VP, Worldwide Sales Engr., Lithium Tech.

My VA, Mitchell, is AWESOME and did all that he could within 24 hours of becoming a part of my life to make apartment hunting for me very VERY successful.

Vaishali Thirwani

Supply Chain Designer, Soma Water