Invest Your Trust in Zirtual

Highly trained Virtual Assistants for opportunity-driven venture capitalists.

“Zirtual helps to bridge the gap between our current resources and processes, and to ensure a robust pipeline and success rate.”  Neil Katz, Venture Capitalist

Take Administration out of the Home Sale Equation

We deal with the important smaller tasks so you to secure high-value properties, close more contracts, and grow your career. All you need to do is:

Select the virtual assistant plan that's right for you

Select Your Plan

We’ll match you with a US-based, college-educated point person who works remotely as your right hand left brain.

Virtual Assistant Task Delegation

Delegate Your Tasks

We’ll review your needs, systems, and preferences so we’re up-and-running on Day 1. You delegate a task and your personal VA is on it.

Use a virtual real estate assistant to help close contracts

Close More Deals

With your repetitive admin tasks in good hands, you can focus on activities that matter: sourcing high-value leads, closing deals, and finding that elusive unicorn.

Rise Above the Filtration Level

Zirtual understands that opportunity for investment can be overwhelmed by administration.

Our Virtual Assistants go above-and-beyond so that you’re able to focus on sourcing deals, networking with entrepreneurs, and discovering that one diamond startup in the rough. Your personal VA will deliver an effective deal flow, respond promptly to inquiries, and filter inbound deals. Why? Because your time is important and shouldn’t be wasted on non-critical tasks that divert your attention from investment opportunities.

Zirtual is simple, accessible and effective; working with Jessica has been great.

Ian Crosby

Co-Founder and CEO,

Here’s How Zirtual Can Help You


A defined scope of service that includes inbox and deal flow management, calendar scheduling, and trend research and forecasting.

Personal Assistance

Free up time so you’re able to focus on your passions. Your personal VA will manage appointments, to-do tasks, and paperwork.

Email Management

Declutter and filter inbound deals, inquiries, and meeting requests with a VA who’s vastly experienced in email management.


Save precious hours each week and spend them on networking and deal-sourcing while your VA keeps your calendar organized and efficient.


Focus on critical tasks and avoid unnecessary paperwork as your personal VA creates, sends, and follows up on invoices and documentation.


Take your precious time back. Nurture and grow your portfolio as your VA researches industry trends and business prospects.

Virtual Assistants, college-educated and based in the US

The Support You Need To Pursue Your Passion

  • Due to the nature of your work, our selected VAs are trustworthy, ethical, and discreet.
  • Our VAs comprehend the intricacies of sourcing, evaluating, and managing contracts.
  • A rigorous, multi-step vetting process ensures they have the skills necessary to support you from the get-go, with no exhaustive training required.
  • US-based, college-educated, and native English speakers.

We Simplify Your Life. You Close More Deals.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Concentrate on the big wins. Find the perfect Virtual Assistant for you and invest your time in the areas that stimulate success: discovering deals, networking with visionary entrepreneurs, investing, and being first-in-line to close that lucrative contract.

Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy

Administration such as email management, scheduling, and filtering can seriously hamper the growth of your investment portfolio. And in our fast-paced world, you need all the time you can get to stay ahead of competitors.

“I used to waste a ton of time on my inbox, my calendar, and in doing basic diligence on companies in my deal pipeline. Now Zirtual handles that and I focus on the cream.”

Phil N.

Investment Banker

“I used to take pride in doing everything myself. Now, I delegate everything I can to Zirtual, and take pride in doing more deals a year than ever!”

Grant M.

Associate Venture Capitalist

There’s No Harm In Seeking Help

Why carry the weight of non-critical tasks alone? By delegating administration and slow processes to an experienced assistant, you’re able to pour your talent into what truly matters: portfolio growth and profitability.

Simplify Your Deal Flow

Whether unearthing a lead or applying your mind to the management of a complex deal, an efficient, attentive Virtual Assistant will give you the time you need to ensure it’s done right.

“To call what we had before Zirtual a pipeline would be generous. Now, we’ve got a real process, and know who is doing what, and when. A world of difference in our deal management.”

Brenda S.

Fund Manager

Zirtual Is Here For You

With a personal assistant trained in deal flow management.

Zirtual has a wealth of experience in the industry and a proven track record of elevating our investor clients to the next tier of success. Our skilled Virtual Assistants will remove the obstacles that hamper daily operations by honing your deal flow to maximum efficiency.