ZA Spotlight: Ginger Is A Virtual Assistant With A Knack For Details

by | August 26, 2014

When you start to think why someone chooses to find virtual work your mind goes in an infinite number of directions. We pride ourselves on our diverse, qualified virtual assistants – they’re awesome! So every once in a while we’re highlighting one in our ongoing ZA Spotlight series.

Who is this stellar ZA? Ginger N.

Where is she from? Texas

When did she start at Zirtual? 2013

What book does she think everyone should read? To Kill a Mockingbird because it teaches us acceptance and learning to get along with those who are different or don’t fit in with what we feel is correct.

How has adjusting to teleworking been for you? What do you like about it? What would you change?

I moved to work from home many years ago and the adjustment was seamless for me, the biggest problem I have had is getting out of my pajamas before noon. I love working at home, being able to see my family, and pets at all hours of the day, no rushing to get to work, or get home each day! No rush hour traffic or road rage to contend with. Not having to worry about taking a break when I need to instead of when it is “assigned”. I really enjoy my clients, getting to know them, helping them and at times, simply listening to them when they need an ear. It is very gratifying when a client tells me how great I am and how much they appreciate what I do for them. You don’t really get that at a 9 to 5 corporate job. There is little to nothing I would change, my clients are awesome, Zirtual is fantastic and my office has a view!

What’s the most unique task you’ve gotten?

I think the most unique task I was given recently was from a client living in New York. he wanted me to find someone to buy a set of used winter tires in California because he was driving to LA in an antique/collector’s car he was selling, and flying back, the new owner of the car didn’t want the winter tires. People in California don’t really need or use winter tires, and few people buy used tires on top of that, so it was quite a challenge to find someone living in CA that did. As it happens I found a man looking for the exact set of tires my client was selling in Long Beach, he wanted them for a road trip he was taking to Canada. We had them hand-delivered to him. The client flew back to NY and both the client and the buyer were thrilled.

Why should someone get a virtual assistant?

An assistant is helpful no matter who you are. If you have more things to do than time in a day, sometimes you need a helping hand. A virtual assistant can make those calls, set up those meetings, and even get your house cleaned while you take care of more important things, such as your family or business. It just makes sense to have a virtual assistant as opposed to an in-person employee: no need to worry about paying employee taxes or benefits, no reorganizing your office, or upsetting the delicate balance of your team. Just drop your ZA an email and tasks magically get done.