Virtual Marketing Assistants: Why You Need One on Your Remote Team

by | September 15, 2020


A Marketing Assistant helps support the work of a marketing team. For many teams, however, an in-person Marketing Assistant may not deliver the necessary results. A Virtual Marketing Assistant, on the other hand, can help you on your journey to meet those important marketing goals. 

What is a Virtual Marketing Assistant?

A Virtual Marketing Assistant serves all the same important roles as an in-person Marketing Assistant, but with a key difference: that assistant performs their duties virtually. A Virtual Marketing Assistant can offer the same quality results, often on a more effective budget. Many marketing executives also find that having a Virtual Marketing Assistant helps streamline processes and make it easier to complete those tasks. A Virtual Marketing Assistant can:

  • Compile and distribute financial information
  • Write reports
  • Put together brochures 
  • Organize presentations
  • Organize market research
  • Connect with customers
  • Keep the marketing executive’s schedule on track
  • Help analyze and sort through campaign results
  • Create valuable content for your campaigns
  • Manage social media accounts

In many cases, a Virtual Marketing Assistant can take on many of the time-consuming tasks that fill your day, freeing you up to take on other responsibilities that need your attention. 

Why Virtual Marketing Assistants are So Important for Remote Marketing Teams

Now, more marketing teams than ever are going remote. As a result, a Virtual Marketing Assistant has become an even more valuable asset for those teams. A Virtual Marketing Assistant can offer a number of important advantages to your team, including:

Keeping all your information together in one place.

A Virtual Marketing Assistant can help compile information and ensure that it’s accessible to everyone who needs it. A virtual assistant can help make sure that you have easy access to market research, customer information, and other vital information that can help shape your campaign. 

Increasing market research.

A virtual assistant can focus on market research, which can make it easier for you to collect and analyze that data. Many marketing teams find that this additional information proves vital to their overall understanding of their customers. 

Freeing up time for other team members.

Working remotely can make it harder to maintain work/life balance. Many members of your remote team may feel as though they are “always on,” constantly dealing with work responsibilities or answering queries. A Virtual Marketing Assistant can help free up valuable time, allowing them to focus on other tasks and providing them with more time for other needs.

Common Tasks That Keep Marketers Stuck If They Don’t Have Help

As a marketing team, it’s easy to get stuck in the details. You have a lot of information coming in, and just as much information going back out. Marketing teams often struggle to move forward and create better, more effective marketing plans because they get stuck in their current efforts, including:

Market research. With so much data to wade through, it can prove incredibly difficult to keep up with the needs of consumers. Many marketers get stuck in the excess of information and struggle to make the most of it. 

Social media posts. Keeping up with a single corporate social media account can take a great deal of time and energy. With multiple social accounts to manage, a marketing team can quickly get stuck on that single responsibility. 

Content creation. Marketing teams often need to generate a tremendous amount of content on a regular basis. Trying to keep up with that content schedule can prevent the marketing team from having time to come up with creative new endeavors and opportunities. 

How to Find a VA with Marketing Experience

As a marketing team, you want a VA with experience in your industry. Zirtual can help. Our highly-trained virtual assistants have experience in a number of industries, including marketing. As you’re looking for an assistant, consider the skills you want them to have, including the specific platforms that you use most often. 

Which Tasks to Outsource to Your New Assistant First

When you start working with a virtual assistant, consider these questions:

  • What tasks do you most need taken off your plate?
  • What tasks do you enjoy handling least?
  • Where is your expertise? 

You want to keep the tasks that need your specific touch, but outsource the tasks that take up your time without fulfilling your primary role. Consider starting, for example, by outsourcing some of your content creation or turning over some of the basic data analysis your team deals with on a regular basis. Over time, you can build on the tasks you choose to outsource to further free up your time and increase the success of your marketing campaigns. 

Are you ready to outsource some of your marketing tasks to a Virtual Marketing Assistant? Zirtual can help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can connect you with a highly-qualified assistant who can help increase the efficiency of your marketing team.