When Leaders Fall, Who Picks Them Up?

by | July 25, 2014

Our society has come to have super-human expectations of leaders. We expect them not to make mistakes and should one happen they often receive a punishment harsher than what we’d find acceptable if the same happened to us. People by design arrive at decisions differently each time. Emotion may replace logic at an inopportune time resulting a well… Anthony Weiner knows this all too well.

Is it right for us to have an expectation that leaders never make mistakes? Perhaps it is. After all leaders by default have a lot more people depending on them. But what’s more important is who does a leader turn to when they trip, stumble, or hit rock bottom?

Their team.

A good leader builds a support network around them. The resulting concoction is one part aptitude, one part rebound there to help leaders land on their feet should a series of misfortunate events transpire. A well-guided team knows how to band together in times of crises. Interim leaders rise to the occasion without being asked and ensure the group as a whole doesn’t suffer the same fate. It’s survival mode. Good leaders rebound off their team’s positive vibes and get back on their feet at work quickly.

Great leaders build the same kind of support group outside of the workplace. They have friends, family, and loved ones who also protect the team from destruction when the time calls. It’s why your older brother defended you in grade school or why your best girlfriend told your ex how much of an idiot he was after stepping out on you.

When you’re emotionally invested in something your network knows it. And beit at home or in the office they’ll be by your side to get you back on your feet should you find yourself with your back against the wall and no where to turn.