Vanessa of Century 21 on how Virtual Assistants from Zirtual helped her stay ahead of competitors and achieve growth

by | July 3, 2019

In your opinion, what are the biggest obstacles to sourcing high-value leads?

Organizing and prioritizing them. Then scheduling relentless follow-ups and keeping track of where I am in the process with each of them. It used to be a nightmare. I let a lot of high-value leads slip away because I couldn’t focus on where it mattered most.

What traditional strategies no longer work in the modern era?

Leaving word of mouth to word of mouth. Yard signs. Door hangers, cold calling or cold mailing, open houses. All of these “passive” offline channels have become noise to buyers and sellers alike. If you aren’t sourcing 90% of your leads online, you are missing 90% of your leads. Flat out.

How have you adapted to the revolution of digital technology in real estate?

I spend my time where my buyers and sells are – and they’re online.  Even 10 years ago I was mostly on the phone – now my phone is 50% email, 25% social media, 20% text messages, and 5% phone calls. Yellow Page ads have become website landing pages, bench signs have become google banner ads, radio…do those still exist?

Platforms such as Zillow and Trulia are dominating the market. Please share your thoughts on how realtors can use them to their advantage.

These brought much-needed improvements to the process of identifying homes for potential buyers and putting eyeballs on my listings. Great lead prospecting territory, great for quickly showing comps on the fly. Great for cutting down on time searching and driving, because now my buyers can narrow down the field before we hit the road.

What made you choose Zirtual for the repetitive admin that was stalling your sales pipeline?

I knew I wasn’t spending 100% of my day on the tasks that produce the best results for my business. I knew I needed an extra set of hands that could keep my eyes on the most important stuff.

Two of my office mates were already using Zirtual and let the “secret” slip one day at lunch. After hearing how much time it gave them back to focus on what matters most I signed up the same day.

Please go into the specifics of how Christine has helped you sell more homes.

Simple mathematics. More of my leads make it from first contact to first meeting to closing. She keeps my pipeline in order so I never miss a follow-up. She handles all the things that NEED to get done – but don’t need to get done by ME. Having that time back means more follow-up, which means I’m spending more time talking to clients and driving to closings.

Why should overwhelmed realtors choose a Zirtual Virtual Assistant to take care of distracting, repetitive tasks?

I needed help keeping the pieces of an ever-complicated machine in line. Chances are you do as well. It is hard to put a value on your time until you can buy it back, then you realize it’s priceless.

Give yourself the time you need to do what you are best at, the things that bring you more clients, lead to more closings. You won’t regret it.

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