Try Something New, With Confidence

by | May 6, 2015

Often times, the hardest thing about trying something new, is simply the fact that it’s different from what we’re accustomed to. Switching from a Mac to a PC for example; all of the small differences in display, keyboard shortcuts, file locations, etc. contribute to interference in your work flow, to the point where we often think “I’ll just stick with what works.”

Jason Johnson of August (reinventing technology in the home), believes that if new technology were easier for individuals to get their hands on and learn about, we would see a 50% market adoption of smart home technologies within 5 years. The burden lies on the creators of the tech, to change the retail experience and create a more user-friendly experience where the customer isn’t left wondering “What is this? How do I set it up? Will this actually be useful?”

Here are some tactics discussed at Collision for getting a new product into consumers hands.

  • Technology is expensive. Making financing options available allows people from different financial situations to try out new tech.
  • Easier purchase and return policies. Get the item delivered to the customer’s home and have it just as easily sent back if it doesn’t meet their wants or needs.
  • Ron Johnson of Enjoy sends experts out to the home along with the new tech, so that all the set-up and integration happens upon arrival, and usage can begin immediately for a great experience from the get go.

At Zirtual we make it easy to try the new experience of working with a virtual assistant. You reach out to us, and we get you placed with a professional, skilled ZA who is ready to take on the tasks you had lined up, and draw out the ones you hadn’t thought of yet.

We have a top tier Happiness team at your disposal whatever your concerns, and we are obsessed with providing a fantastic client experience. And just in case your needs change and you have to go a different way, we have an Epic Guarantee so that you have nothing to lose by giving us a try, and everything to gain.