TOTD: Delegating Your Labor Day Party

by | August 26, 2014

Task of the day looks at unique tasks Zirtual Assistants help their clients with. It gives you a look into new tasks you can have your assistant complete. Get setup with your own virtual assistant today.

Labor Day is right around the corner and what better reason to celebrate than hosting a good ole American pastime: a party! But before you get overwhelmed with planning, realize that delegating the process will give you a piece of mind and help you focus more on the fun.


“I want a traditional yet funky and hip theme for my party, but where do I start?” In no time, your Zirtual Assistant can have a list ready in your mailbox. Beachy? Indian summer? Red white and blue? The possibilities are endless, but your ZA will refine the options and help you decide what you truly want.

The Meal

Well, there is no question about whether you’ll be serving food. But do you know what you would like to make? Or would you rather cater? As assistants, we can help find the most decadent recipe for mashed potatoes, or a mouth-watering hole-in-the-wall Louisiana BBQ caterer.

The Bar

A limeade vodka. A raspberry grenadine. Budweiser. Too much to choose from in our opinion, and as the party is coming up around the corner, you might not even have the time to get the ingredients! There are several delivery companies that will be willing to drop off anything you need, but instead of waiting on the phone and changing your mind a bunch, let your assistant do that dirty work.


Bocce ball? Volleyball? Beerpong? You have the space, but do you have the equipment? Let your VA brainstorm a couple of options for how you would like your guests to spend their time. The time it will take for you to learn the rules of Bocce ball, your VA will have for you at the closest store, the game set aside ready for your purchase and enjoyment.

It’s difficult to delegate when you dive deep into the details of throwing a party. But for the sake of your time and happiness, realize that simple inquiries like what to have as a side dish can be outsourced. Out of sight, out of mind. From Zirtual, Happy Labor Day and be safe everyone!