TOTD: Delegate Grocery Shopping To Your Zirtual Assistant

by | September 4, 2014

Wake up, feed kids, get ready, go to work, eat lunch, work more, pick up kids, go home, feed kids, put kids to bed, fall asleep watching Jimmy Fallon. Repeat. Wake up, feed the kids. Wait – you are out of milk. How did this happen? Oh, because you did not have time to go to the store last night. You realize – you do not have time to go to the store ever!

As important as grocery shopping is, do not fall victim to the dry cereal. Use your virtual assistant as an extension of you and your family’s needs with these three vital steps in your grocery shopping:

Devising a Food Budget

For the family, the budget-conscious, or the student – creating a budget ensures that you will always have enough money for the things you need and the things that are important to you. How much does it cost to feed yourself or your family for the month? Next, have your assistant work out the logistics of creating the meal plan.

Forming a Meal Plan

What do you like to eat? Are you cooking for a special friend on Friday? Are you packing your kid’s lunch four days of the week? Is there a specific wine you cannot go without? These kinds of questions in regards to your tastes, preferences, and restrictions will shape your eating and consumer habits. With your assistant’s help creating a guideline of recipes and staples, a biweekly/weekly menu can be used to necessitate the most important step on this list.

Getting Your Groceries

We have Safeway and Amazon Fresh and many different types of grocery delivery services that can serve you and your family without taking up your valuable time. With the meal plan set, your assistant with order the foodstuffs as well as mediate the delivery to any location of your choosing. Bonus tip: don’t forget to have your ZA load your grocery rewards card with free savings every week!