Top 20 Best Productivity Planners

by | August 17, 2020


A productivity planner can be a lifesaver for businessmen, businesswomen, teachers, students, and just about anyone else who would like to improve his or her life. But before you choose the productivity planner for you, consider how you will be using your plan book. Some use their planners for specific uses, such as business, academic endeavors, or personal projects. Usually, users look for a planner that will take them through an entire year, while others might opt for planners that segment by quarters, focus on daily tasks, or have room for daily task projections. We want to share the top 20 planners used for planning, productivity, or goal-setting.

The Best Productivity, Tracking, Mindset, Planners, and Long-Term Strategies Planners

To some, the idea of using a planner that requires paper and pen is like taking a step backward. Yes, it is strange to step out of the digital world in 2020. But there are times when holding a writing tool and writing your thoughts on paper are beneficial.

1. Panda Planner Weekly

The Panda Planner is available in small and large sizes. To help the user focus on the goals for the week, deduce his or her weekly and monthly goals, the journal reminds you across weekly and monthly sections. Seeing your goals repeated helps you keep on track, and positive habit goals are more comfortable to set. The notebook includes 52 weekly planning pages and 12 monthly planning pages. The daily timeline in your planner spans from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

One satisfied reviewer mentioned that the journal is like a unique space where you can arrange and consider your week. It also helps keep specific ideas in mind, and there are lots of places to write about your week as you travel through it.

2. The One Thing Planner

Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, authors of The ONE Thing, developed this planner to assist folks in filtering out the noise and focussing on what matters. The authors designed this planner to help you take control of time and gain clarity about where you should invest your time. They want those who choose to use this planner to understand the process and begin to think and act in synch with the priority of the action.

3. The BestSelf Co. the Self Journal

This planner came into being because of the work of Penny Zenker, a life coach, who thinks it helps to break down big goals into more digestible 90-day portions. Zenker says this about the planner she created:

“I use this now because it is a comprehensive goal-setting-and-tracking system with reflection all-in-one. It helps me align my goals and my daily tasks, which makes me more productive.”

The Self Journal will get you started on personal goal-setting and is a one-part planner and one-part journal.

4. Living Well Planner

It’s not for everyone, but if you are a visual person, you will probably love the Living Well Planner. Some people do exceptionally well when using a planner that is colorful and engaging. This journal helps with keeping track of financial intentions, wellness activities, and other goals you may include for different periods. Yes, colorful labels and stickers are part of the plan.

5. Agendio

This planner is fully customizable. You can choose the type of planner, the kinds of pages you want, and the configuration. The standard version includes the general daily, weekly, monthly settings. But if you want a personal growth planner, this particular year calendar may fit you just right.

6. Moleskine

This planner is a no-nonsense journal and had been around long enough to be called a classic. This 12-month, weekly notebook planner is sturdy and straightforward to use.

7. Productivity Planner

This planner relies on research and experience by many productive, successful people over many years. Pages include daily, weekly, and review sections. If you want to improve your goal-setting abilities and are not so good at dialing up your productivity, this is the planner you need.

8. Nomatic Planner

The Nomatic comes in the color Mint or black. It is exactly the correct size to fit in a purse. It also has two elastic page holders. It has a goal planning section, a monthly calendar view, a pen holder, and a habit tracker to track three daily habits. Each page includes one activity, such as:

  • Write a gratitude list every day.
  • Send a thank-you note to three people who have made a positive impact on your life.

9. Rocketbook

The Rocketbook Fusion is different in a few different ways. It has a monthly calendar, weekly pages, and note pages. The Rocketbook also has bullet journal space, inspiration, areas for objectives, key results, action points, and reflections, and more. Using a special reusable pen, you can write in the journal, and the notes go straight to the cloud. Then you erase the pages and use them again the next day.

10. Erin Condren LifePlanners

The LifePlanner, from Eric Condren, has sold approximately 2 million planners over 13 years. The simplicity of the journal, as well as the three distinctly different designs, cover the needs and requirements for organizers in every field of endeavor. The following extras come with the purchase of a LifePlanner:

  • Personalization at no cost
  • Free Customization
  • Interchangeable Covers
  • An All-in-One Organizer
  • Thick Mohawk Paper
  • Stickers, decorative storage box, and more

11. The Passion Planner

The creators of the Passion Planner have developed a journal that will simplify your life. And, because the company partners with nonprofit organizations, when a planner is purchased, another planner is given to someone who needs it. The Passion Planner has multiple o[options in place. The planner can be un-dated, yearly dated, academic, or a day-by-day planner. The idea behind this organizer is that “passion roadmaps” are included. The planner allows you to set goals for different amounts of time and different ranges. Pages in the journal include:

  • Goal pages
  • Bullet journal pages
  • Reflection pages
  • Quotes
  • Self-check pages
  • Pages to track what has changed during the year

12. Law of Attraction Life Planner

It may be that some people think that the “Law of Attraction” is simply a pop culture trend. At its core, the Law of Attraction explains how the human mind can cause all kinds of positive (or negative) outcomes. The Law of Attraction planner makes a planner that buoys up positive thinking. It features:

  • Goals
  • Rewards
  • Quotes
  • Today’s goal
  • To-do list
  • Positive habits
  • Action steps
  • Ideas
  • Monthly reflection, and more

13. The High-Performance Planner

This journal, says its makers will contribute to an extraordinary quality of life at world-class levels that are way beyond your expectations. The creators explain that users will stay more focused, increase their productivity, measure what matters, build better habits, and accelerate their performance growth. The planner contains:

  • 192 pages
  • 8.4″ x11.5″ pages
  • 14 pages of graph paper for note-taking
  • 10 Morning Mindset prompts
  • A 6 question end-of-day review
  • Lesson and self-scoring life areas such as health, family, learning, mission, friends, experiences, and more.

14. The Freedom Journal

This planning tool is a deluxe black hardcover notebook. It uses scientific strategies to increase the user’s ability to focus on and accomplish goals. When you purchase this notebook, you will also gain access to an exclusive group with whom you can interact and engage, who are also searching for guidance and support. The creators of The Freedom Journal say they have assisted motivated individuals in achieving their goal within 100 days.

15. Ink+Volt Planner

This planner is the brainchild of Kate Matsudaira, a technology executive, and startup founder who wanted to add sophistication and style to the ubiquitous, paper and pen, planner. To check out the internal pages of the book, Matsudaira made them available to view online.

16. At-A-Glance Planner

This product is an 8.5″ x 11″, dated, spiral-bound planner that includes spaces for your highest priority tasks, an abundance of planning pages and a unique reference section. The makers have made an effort to enhance its functionality while holding on to the company’s focus on scheduling tasks and daily planning notations. The At-A-Glance notebook is a down-to-Earth planner that is part of the company’s “Plan. Write. Remember.” series found at Office Max. The sizes and colors vary, and the prices are excellent.

17. Leuchtturm Bullet Journal

In an article written for BulletJournal, a survey found that 85 percent of Project Managers use a Bullet Journal all the time, or sometimes specifically for project management activities at work. Additionally, 77 percent of the PMs said they used a Bullet Journal because it made their jobs easier to accomplish. The Leuchtturm planner has some of the highest paper quality in the industry, comes in various sizes, and is a real bargain if you are choosing the “mini” versions.

18. Clever Fox

This notebook is a planner and an organizer. With bright and cheerful covers, this undated notebook categorizes your life into five relevant sections:

  • Happiness
  • Productivity
  • Passion
  • Motivation
  • Focus

You may have a pleasant time keeping up with yourself when you try a planner from the Clever Fox line of journals.

19. The Hashi Weekly Planners Pad

This unique planner is about the same size as a keyboard, so it fits well on your desktop. It has pages for 60 weeks of planning and is not dated, so it’s useable until you run out of pages. The view is a Monday through Sunday layout. The Hashi has fun patterns and its size and simplicity, which make for a right choice for those who plan one week at a time. The price is affordable, as well.

20. The iBayam Planner

This journal is a smart way to jump into the world of productivity planning. It has 52 weekly pages and 12 monthly pages that have plenty of space for goal-setting, celebrating wins, and finding areas of improvement. Those who have used this planner say it is a great size and has an attractive cover. At an affordable price, the iBayam may be just the planner for you.


Research has found that journaling about your work could increase your productivity by 23 percent. Other studies found that individuals who wrote in their planners for 15 minutes at the end of the day performed 22.8 percent better than employees who did not write in journals. Why not give it a try. So many others have done just that and are delighted that they started this habit.