These North American Airlines Have The Most Legroom

by | October 17, 2014

Flying has its ups and downs. When you’re not watching passengers completely melt down over reclining a seat, dealing with loose animals in the cabin, or look on in horror as the cabin begins to fall apart mid-flight you’re stuck figuring out how to make sitting in a narrow chair 36,000 feet in the sky tolerable.

Condé Nast Traveler and went on a mission to make travel a little easier, compiling seat pitch & width from the major North American airlines. If you travel frequently for business you may want to consider these airlines as your go-to.

Bonus tip: anyone who’s been on a longhaul flight knows how rough on the body restricting circulation can be. Traveler tackled this with some easy-to-do exercises aimed to keep your blood-flow up and body aches down.

Best legroom on an airline

best legroom on an airline