The Art Of Research: Delegate Secondary Research To Your Assistant

by | October 10, 2014

Research is the foundation for the pursuit for an answer. But with the vastness of the internet and accessibility of information, one could easily get overwhelmed when researching. What begins as a simple Google search of, say, the current economic state of Thailand, spirals into watching cat videos on YouTube.

For some, it’s easy to start; but how do you know when your work is done? How do you know which way to go? We have your answer: delegate the research. Virtual assistants are able to do unbiased research and deliver it to you clearly and concisely. Here are common research tasks Zirtual Assistants can tackle for you.

Price comparison

This includes comparing prices of flights, hotels, gifts, apartments… basically anything. If you can buy it, there is a guarantee you can find many of its kinds online. Delegate this task to your assistant.

Preliminary Research

Whether you’re preparing for a meeting or need to find what direction you would like to take in a project, get your assistant to filter out the noise and get to what’s important. Usually what is delivered are bullet points of specific ideas and things that can help create the groundwork for something bigger.


No time to read BBC? Need to be updated without spending an hour reading through a twenty-page dissertation when all you need is a yes or no? The beauty of this delegation is that it saves you time and increases the value of your objective.


A simpler approach would be to get your virtual assistant to do the gift research for you. Your girlfriend/husband/best friend/next door neighbor is a fun-loving/food-obsessing/quiet/vegan musician. Sometimes, having an assistant with an outside opinion will help bring light to what could be the most treasured gift for your loved one.