Supercharge Your Productivity With Zirtual Founder & CEO Maren Kate

by | September 11, 2014

Who doesn’t want to learn insider’s tips to increased productivity? Founder & CEO Maren Kate Donovan teamed up with PopExpert to create a 5-day productivity workshop geared to help busy professionals get more out of their limited time.

These video workshops start by taking a look at your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks , figuring out where most of your time goes. You’re able to identify what tasks are core to your focus and which ones are busy work, distracting you from your main focus.

This lays the foundation for successful delegation.

Maren walks you through her 4 steps to becoming a successful delegator. If you sign-up using this link, you’ll get 50% off the 5-day web-based workshop! Get started supercharging your productivity now.