Resolve To Build Better Business Relationships In 2015

by | January 4, 2015

It’s 2015 now and many are making resolutions for the new year. The top resolutions that make the list every year center around getting healthy and losing weight, however a close second goal that tops the charts is about making more time for the important people in your life and building new meaningful relationships.

It’s just as important in business to have these relationships with colleagues, mentors, and clients as people do business with people that the know, like, and trust. This year, resolve to make new lasting business relationships that will help shape this year. Here are two apps that will help by simplifying your communication schedule and help build and retain valuable relationships.


Contactually is an incredible tool that will not only take your communication to the next level; it will give you important insight when reaching out to new prospects or mentors. Link in your social networks, email, and calendar and it does the rest of the work for you. Templates and introduction starting emails are provided. Contactually reminds you when you wanted to follow up with someone and shows you what they’ve been up to since you last spoke. It is available on desktop and mobile device.


Refresh is an app that links to your calendar and searches the web to show you insights about the people and companies you are meeting through the day. It’s motto is, “Save time. Build relationships. Close deals.” It’s been especially helpful when meeting new prospective clients because it gives information and current photos to guide the meeting.