Put Your ZA On It!: 4th Of July Edition

by | July 13, 2015

The 4th of July is without a doubt the best summer party of the year. Whether it’s a low-key BBQ involving close friends and family in your backyard or an overly elaborate party thrown at your palatial beach house with TMZ trying to sneak in and Deadmau5 DJing; there is one thing that must be done to make sure things don’t turn out worse than Washington’s winter at Valley Forge: planning. You have to get everything set up right so everything goes right. So let me be your Paul Revere on this one and give you proper warning… The Red Cups are coming! The Red Cups are coming!

We are less than a busy shortened work week away from the good ol’ US of A’s Birthday. Luckily you are smart enough to have a Zirtual Assistant (You don’t? Well, get in here!) that can handle all the last minute details. All you need to do is let them know what you need to have set up, arranged, researched, booked, coordinated, reserved, etc., and even here we’ve got you covered. Let me introduce you to:

Zirtual’s Last-Minute Checklist for 4th of July Greatness!

(both realistic and otherwise)

Location: Do you need a beach house researched and rented last minute? Your lawn mowed and bushes trimmed for the backyard BBQ? Campsite or picnic spot reserved? Wanna know if Levi’s Stadium is available? Put your ZA on it!

Theme: Can’t find tri-corner hats and revolution-era wigs in your town? Going political and need to rent a donkey and an elephant? You need an astronaut outfit and fake rocket? OK. Put your ZA on it!

Food and Drinks: Looking for the best deal on steaks? Don’t know where to find 1,000 hot dogs? Who does full BBQ catering with smoker and a whole pig in your area? How much for a case each of brut and rosé sparkling wine? Need a recipe for one of those awesome layered American flag cakes? Is Bobby Flay busy? Put your ZA on it!

Decorations: Looking for star spangled everything? Which red, white and blue body paints are hypoallergenic? Where can you get strings of twinkly white lights? 30,000 little American Flags? Put your ZA on it!

Entertainment: Seriously, is DeadMau5 available? How much for a gross of roman candles? How much Jell-o do I need to fill a kiddie pool? Want to rent a ski boat? Is there a Kenny Loggins impersonator on the West Coast? Wait…is Kenny Loggins available? Put your ZA on it!

Games: What are the dimensions and rules for Horseshoes? Corn Hole? Beer Pong? Are Lawn Darts still available? Where can I get a Wiffle Ball bat? Put your ZA on it!

Incidentals: Does anyone sell sunscreen by the gallon? Due for a “Brazilian”? “Boy-Zilian”? Where can you get your sunglasses repaired? Is it possible to lose 10 pounds in 5 days? Is that even safe? Put your ZA on it!

Insurance: Is your homeowners policy up to date? Does it cover parties? Is there a better deal or supplemental available? How long to have a carpenter come fix the loose deck board? Will Lawn Darts negate my coverage? Put your ZA on it!

Security: How many people do you need to keep TMZ out of your beach house? Is there a service? Do they have their own “Security” shirts or do you have to provide those? Are all your cameras working? Put your ZA on it!

Parking: Need invites emailed to your neighbors? Can we use their driveways? Are there valet services available? How do you do background checks? Put your ZA on it!

Laws: Are fireworks legal in your area? Noise statutes? Open container laws on the beach? Do you need a permit for your 1,000-person tent? Fire pit? Elephant? Put your ZA on it! **Definitely double check any research concerning local statutes**

There you have it! We hope this covers some of your needs and sparks any others you may have. Now you can make your own customized list of needs and get it to your ZA who can create an action plan and get things coordinated, organized, reserved, purchased, sourced and ordered. Isn’t the USA great!?!? Happy 4th of July!!!