Legal Speak: Why Your Practice Needs A Zirtual Assistant

by | September 18, 2014

Time is money. Few professionals live and breathe this every day as much as those in working in legal. With the nation’s average hourly rate for legal services sitting at $284 per hour, it’s easy to see why you should have a Zirtual Assistant.

What kind of tasks can our virtual assistants take over at your firm?

Administrative Tasks

No matter what size your firm, there is never a shortage of administrative responsibilities. Managing vendors, creating client invoices, building new client profiles, entering expense reports, and much more take up precious hours that should be used towards managing your cases, finding new clients, or getting back to your personal life.

Current client & Tampa Bay Tax Attorney Harry Teichman knows this last one all too well. “Zirtual allowed me to get more work done while leaving the office earlier,” Harry said. “I no longer have to waste time on administrative tasks and can get back to having a personal life.”

Preliminary Research

Our assistants are tech savvy, productive powerhouses. They know the ins & outs of finding, validating, and compiling web data. When research is needed, whether it’s related to a case or looking up the closest steakhouse with a quiet atmosphere for a vendor dinner they know what web tools to use to get the work done right the first time. In Harry’s experience, this is where some in-person executive assistants fell short.

“Many of the assistants I had in the past weren’t tech savvy enough to fit my business. I’d ask them to research vendor services on Yelp and was told ‘I don’t know how,’” Harry recalled. “The value added was limited to organizing papers and answering the doors.”

Office Manager Duties

As you grow your business, you often travel to other parts of your state & all over the country. Zirtual Assistants make sure traveling is a seamless, stressless effort. From booking flights, accommodations, and transportation to arranging meals and scheduling meetings to checking you into flights, your ZA knows how to keep all of your documents organized, creating an easy experience every time.

Additionally, ZAs can handle tasks you may think only an in-person office manager can. Ordering lunches, scheduling maintenance, and responding to emails are just a few of the tasks your Zirtual Assistant would handle.

Think about the amount of time you spend doing some of these tasks. Then think about what your time is worth – does it really make sense to continue to do these yourself?

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