How Treehouse Thrives Working Just 4 Days a Week

by | May 5, 2015

“In 2,000 weekends you’ll be dead.”

Think about what you did last weekend. Did you do something worthwhile? Ryan Carson, CEO of Treehouse, has build his company culture around a 4-day workweek. Instead of working the typical 5-day, 9-5, his employees clock-in at 9 and leave at 5:30 everyday.

In this on-demand age, how can a company get by working only 4, 8-hour days? Productivity tools. “We use a lot of Asana,” Ryan said at Collision. “It gets rid of the email crap.” Additionally, his company uses Hipchat to supplement in-person chats.

Using tools to streamline workflow and keep teams focused, Treehouse is able to increase efficiency in another way: employee retention. “We’ve had employees try to be poached by bigger companies like Facebook. They ask recruiters if they still have a 5-day work week, and they do. They hate that question.”

Ryan recognizes the conflict risk with clients by working an unconventional workweek. “You may lose a few clients, but they’re likely the ones who’d drain your resources anyway,” he said. The risk of losing a few bad apples is worth the loyal, productive employees a 4-day work week creates.

Any sized company can implement the 4-day workweek. The biggest factor is consistency. You have to have every part of your team living the 4-day week, even leadership. “I leave every day at 5:30.”