How to Hire a Data Entry Assistant

by | September 14, 2020


In this age of Big Data, data entry assistants play a critical role in any business or organization. Businesses need access to reliable numbers, figures, and statistics that help leaders make timely and informed decisions. Therefore, companies need to prioritize the recruitment, selection, and training processes for the data entry assistants. When hiring a suitable assistant, focus on getting the right candidates adept at entering data accurately. Erroneous data leads to inaccurate or inadequate decisions, which results in undesirable outcomes.

What data entry assistants do?

A data entry assistant handles everyday clerical tasks relating to entering and updating data on the company system. The administrative professional’s most significant duty is to guarantee that the database is up to date and accurate. They may also perform other additional duties from time to including:

  • Review of records to ensure they are accurate
  • Collection of data and inputting of critical information into the organization’s database
  • Preparation of digital fields and documents for printing
  • Sorting and organization of records and files
  • Retrieving electronic files and records form databases
  • Performing backups of information to guarantee their preservation

Examples of data entry project

Data entry jobs often involve typing specific information into electronic formats. These could be spreadsheets, word processing, or any other particular software that an organization uses. As an assistant, you are transferring data from hard copy paper format to a software application. You may also use optical character recognition OCR to scan documents.

How to hire data entry assistants

A solid recruitment process focuses on the desired hard and soft skills of the candidates. Hard skills are the requisite technical and essential proficiencies acquired through education, job experience, and training. On the other hand, soft skills are the behavioral attributes of the candidates. Important qualifications to look out for in candidates include:

1. Basic knowledge of computer and other software experience

Data entry assistants spend much of their time behind the computer. Uploading and retrieval of data require a basic understanding of how software and other computer programs operate.

2. Know-how on how office equipment works

Data entry jobs are not limited to the computer. There is other critical office equipment that enhances the work of the assistants. These include printers, dictation machines, copiers, and scanners. You should hire a candidate who can operate all kinds of office equipment seamlessly.

3. Fast typing speeds

An excellent data entry assistant should boast of incredible typing speeds and high accuracy. There are tons of data to be filled, and fast typing speed guarantees an enviable turnaround time.

4. Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

Sometimes data entry tasks need a bit of transcription work. Spelling and grammatical mistakes can be costly, especially in some professions, like the legal profession. For this reason, the right candidate should be fluent, intelligible, and an excellent communicator both in written and verbal forms.

5. High attention to details

A data entry clerk should never make mistakes in the course of their duty. Mistakes are costly and may harm your reputation. The right candidate should have a meticulous attitude to work. They should ensure that they are entering data accurately into the company database.  

6. Other attributes to look out for include:

  • Dedication to tasks
  • Excellent organization and time management skills
  • High accuracy
  • Highly focused
  • Self-driven attributes
  • Patience
  • Self-motivation

What do data entry assistants charge?

As of September 2020, a data entry assistant charges an average of $19 per hour in the United States. The highest rate was $35 per hour while the lowest rate was $ 8.65

Where to find a data entry assistant; Smart hiring criteria

You can hire the ideal data entry assistant using a number of platforms. There are dedicated smart hiring platforms where suitable candidates post their resumes. These include:

There are also other useful recruiting platforms like   Zirtual.  Zirtual is a platform that matches up busy professionals with virtual data entry clerks. The software provides employers with alternative convenient and affordable options to hire exceptional talent for their projects.

How to manage and check your data entry assistant’s work

As a leader, you often make decisions based on data. In case there are inaccuracies in the data, you may make poor and uninformed decisions. Data entry processes must be accurate to avoid unplanned costs and other errors. You can sue the following tips to ensure the data entry assistant is error-free:

  • Cross-check with the sources
  • Use cross-checking software such as optical character recognition OCR or intelligent character recognition
  • Use automated data reports

Key takeaway

A data entry assistant is an essential cog in your organization. Recruiting an ideal one should not be difficult if you use the tips we have shared here. With the right recruitment process and leveraging on new technologies like those offered by Zirtual, you are guaranteed to getting an exceptional talent that brings a difference in your work and office.