Holiday Shopping Hacks For The Busy Entrepreneur

by | December 7, 2014

Are you savoring the joy and wonder of the holiday season or does it feel more like a runaway train? Start out the season with visions of sugar plums and before you know it Thanksgiving has passed. With a seemingly enjoyable “Holiday Season To-Do List” a mile long, it’s easy to find that joy replaced by being overwhelmed.

There’s still time to get everything accomplished. Tackling presents is a great place to start and will check off multiple tasks. Choosing meaningful, individualized, and budget friendly gifts for everyone on our lists is possible. Don’t give up; these tips will help you sail through this season with your sanity and work/life balance intact. Follow these hacks and you’ll have time to put your feet up and sip your hot cocoa in style.

Stay Focused

Now let’s take control of this project and make a Game Plan. Mapping out a strategy clarifies and simplifies how you plan to stay focused. First, make a list and think through all the gift-giving categories from family to office party. Second, assign each line a budget to spend on that person. Now, this third step is a bit more time consuming but will pay off in the long run. Next to each name write out the likes and dislikes you can think of. Jotting down a few preferences will help you stay focused when shopping or better yet…it will help you delegate your shopping to someone else.

Shopping Strategy

Now that your Game Plan is in place; it’s time to talk strategy. Whether you have a ZA or not, the great news is that you’re not in this alone. You’ve already created your wish list and now you can delegate! Enlist your spouse, older children, or your Zirtual Assistant to help find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Specifically, your ZA can help by creating a Google Shortlist to offer options that fit your criteria.

As you begin to cross off loved ones on your list, don’t forget the little surprises. Prepare for the unexpected. You have everything bought, wrapped, and bowed and then you get the last minute invitation. Save yourself the hassle by buying extra presents and hostess gifts and having these on hand. A few tasty bottles of wine or nicely wrapped gift cards work perfectly for this and you can enjoy them later if they’re not used.

Wrap It Up

Why not kill two birds with one stone and stretch your productivity muscles by having the stores wrap your gifts for you. Often this is free, but even spending a few more dollars will save you hours of wrapping and a backache. Shopping at local boutiques can pay off with their whimsical wrapping and taking advantage of Amazon’s gift wrapping is a real deal. There are other time-saving wrapping options as well such as: local volunteer groups, Girl Scouts, or schools wrapping for donations. Kalamazoo Gift Company, The Boxes Etc., Pretty Present, and Ace Gifting Wrapping Service are just a few.