Have Stylish And Stress-Free Holiday Travel

by | December 21, 2014

Before you head out “over the river and through the woods” this holiday season we’ve got a few tips to keep you arriving in style, on time and with all of your ornaments in tow. Trying to fit everything in can be overwhelming, but by following these trade secrets you’ll be prepared in no time.

Plan Ahead

Keep your sanity by writing down your travel plan. Create a quick day-by-day calendar that will guide you through the entire season of trips. There are even templates and checklists like these from the Organized Housewife. Think through everything now so that you don’t have to when you’re rushed later. List everything you can think of from presents, to outings, and outfits.

Pack in Light & In Style

Less is more when it comes to packing for your trips and Travel Fashion Girl is here to help. Also, keep in mind some great tips on packing light from quick Kindle reads like, Freedom From Luggage for longer trips as well. Bring a few versatile items that can be mixed and matched you can create multiple wardrobe choices and keep the luggage to a minimum.

Stay Fresh & Clean

Search ahead of time for incredible companies like LaundryCare who will come pick up your laundry and have it back ready to wear within 24-48 hours for as low as $35. This is especially helpful if you are traveling in multiple cities for a couple of weeks.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Whether you’re flying or driving be prepared for seasonal congestion. Arrive earlier at the airport to avoid sprinting through the terminal and setting off TSA warnings. If you’re heading out by car, take it in for a quick check to ensure that it’s ready for it’s voyage.

Creating your travel plan will take most of the stress away and help you enjoy your journey. Now all you have to worry about is eating your aunts fruitcake; we can’t help with that one.