All You Need To Know About Outsourcing Your Event Planning

by | September 21, 2022

Event planning involves researching venues, gathering resources, and organizing logistics with the sole aim of making an event run smoothly and on time.

Simple as it may sound, this activity can be quite daunting if you have other roles or you are busy. It only takes one element to be out of touch with the rest for the entire event to flop. This should not happen, though.

By outsourcing your event planning to an assistant, you will reduce your worries and eliminate possible burnout chances.

Event planners are a must for company events and your virtual assistant can get involved in the event planning process.

Why outsource event planning to an assistant?

The famous author, Stephen Covey, one time quipped, “Outsourcing is unavoidable, and it has nothing to do with treating humans like things.”

You cannot do without outsourcing if your focus is on progress and perfection. When it comes to event planning, outsourcing this work to an in-house or virtual assistant is beneficial for companies in so many ways.

Here’s why you should outsource:

1. You will save time, money, and resources. Being a busy person with a lot on your hands, you may not have a keen eye for details. Your main goal will be to put together the event as quickly as you can so that you can do other things. This should not be the case. Consider using an extra pair of hands.

All you have to do is communicate clearly your expectations, the budget, and time limits. This frees up your time. Ensure that the assistant follows your instructions accurately.

2. There is room for innovation and creativity. Outsourcing increases the chances of the event being organized creatively. The assistant has enough time to innovate and plan a unique event since that is all he/she has to do. 

3. It gives you peace of mind. You do not have to stress yourself with tight deadlines on top of your regular work.

Event coordination is beneficial when planning birthday parties, private events, trade shows, conferences, etc.

Top decisions to make before outsourcing

There are certain tasks that cannot be outsourced to an assistant of any kind (there are some things only a boss can do) but for every other task at hand, consider outsourcing to lighten the workload.

Event planning does require a bit of industry knowledge, and while a virtual assistant is versed in many areas, there is a level of expertise needed to be met in order to manage and complete a job. Events typically need a booked venue, vendors, signage, decor, and other tiny details that all come together to create one big day.

Prepping for events like this takes time, a budget to work from, and meetings with the event planning assistant to keep everyone focused and on track.

If you decide to hire virtual assistant event planners, consider the following details before doing so.

Cost savings

According to Deloitte, 59% of organizations outsource to reduce expenses. Figure out if outsourcing event planning will cut operational costs while providing quality service.


How much you will pay your assistant is an important factor. You need to have an open approach because hiring the cheapest or the most expensive is not the criteria to use. Compare the experience, expertise, flexibility, and other offerings the assistant will bring to the table.

Business reputation

There is nothing as important as the reputation of an organization. Ensure the assistant observes the highest standards. This will go a long way in safeguarding your business reputation.


You must think ahead about how you will communicate with your assistant whenever questions arise. Will he/she be available to offer prompt responses without fail?

Their communication skills must be spot on to ensure a proper understanding of your instructions and expectations.

It takes industry knowledge to be a successful event planner and virtual assistants on the marketing team can be in house, or off site.

Aspects of event planning your assistant can help with

Business events are an important part of your company’s culture and public representation. This makes it an important piece of your services and overall brand outreach. Getting this right will put you in a good light with clients and begin to show the world what your company is all about.

Some virtual assistants don’t have a full knowledge of event planning, but can be a crucial part of the team and handle tasks that keep the project moving forward.

Some of the tasks that stand out could be:


This is a time-consuming yet crucial task. An assistant will research the venues, suppliers, key speakers, catering, and necessary entertainment for the planned event. He/she can narrow down the options for you to pick the best.


The assistant can handle all marketing duties for the event. This would include emailing and social media support.


They will be in charge of money matters related to the event. Tracking expenses, invoicing, and managing associated revenue will be their duties. 

Handling speakers

Speakers are vital in any event. How you handle them counts towards the success of your event. The assistant will need to communicate the schedule, what is required of the speakers, and the costs involved.

Travel arrangements

The assistant operates everything concerning travel for the speakers and all the invited guests.

Managing attendees

Whether they are few or many, attendees require proper management. An assistant will handle their queries, communicate event information, prepare name tags, and all things concerning them.

Additional tips for outsourcing virtual-only events

Virtual-only events need time to organize. You require innovativeness to attract as many people as possible. This is because you are not limited by venue space or intricate travel and booking arrangements.

The following tips will help you outsource wisely:

1. Consider a tech-savvy assistant who can plan the virtual-only event meticulously. He/she should be knowledgeable in identifying the ideal communication tools. His or her input in choosing a reliable platform for the virtual event will come in handy.

2. Outsource to someone who will market the event aggressively on social media. The marketing should arouse interest and cause people to want to attend. The assistant should also send out reminders as the date nears.

3. The assistant should be able to organize all online registrations for guests and deal with all inquiries they may have.

Professionals in the event industry will create an event timeline to follow, creating these kinds of services and ideas are what makes event coordination successful.


There are many reasons in favor or outsourcing event planners for your business. When working through the process, it is crucial to understand why you should outsource.

Taking time to identify the perfect assistant for event planning will boost your company’s image, make you shine in front of your clients, and boost team morale, all the while giving you peace of mind. Ensure you apply the tips above for the success of your event, even if it is virtual.