Email Marketing Assistant Hiring Guide

by | October 12, 2020


Building an ideal email list and connecting with clients through mail newsletters is an effective way to promote your brand. But you could be a busy professional with little time to respond to growing volumes of mail, and the only practical solution is to hire an email marketing assistant for your email management and marketing tasks. The ideal email marketing assistant will provide the expertise you need for designing an excellent email template that will score a hit with your target market.

What do email marketing assistants do?

There are several roles and duties that email marketing assistants undertake. From designing the perfect email templates to facilitating email marketing that matches goals and target market needs, here are the critical duties of an email assistant:

Uploading of email addresses and names

The email marketing assistant will help upload client email details harvested from client interaction platforms such as exposition, competition, or marketing events unto spreadsheets to help create an ideal mass email database. 

Designing email template

An email marketing assistant will help design a perfect email using font, symbolism patterns, and brand colors. Email templates can be a difference between a mail that makes the desired mark and one that doesn’t. Your email assistant can help you choose the right communication layout to use across all the email marketing platforms.

Crafting email text

The right email marketing assistant boasts exceptional copywriting skills that come in handy when crafting perfect marketing g messages. They will create texts that keep in line with business strategy and brand.

Addition of visuals

The assistant will also help create powerful and effective visuals that help break the monotony of acres email of texts. The assistant will use appealing but straightforward graphics to retain the customer’s attention for more extended periods.

Scheduling and sending of emails

 It is the duty of an email marketing assistant to schedule or sends emails in line with the marketing strategy that your company adopts. The emails can be sent or scheduled as per your customer needs and convenience.

Provide marketing summary

Typically marketing platforms feature inbuilt analytics that allows for tracking of emails over time. An email marketing assistant should develop the expertise to track and interpret click through rates. They should then analyze and compare the metrics to industry averages to determine the success of email marketing communication.

Setting up automated emails

 Email automation comes in handy in easing the challenging work of email marketing. It enhances the efficient analysis of such email marketing tasks such as welcome series, purchase follow-ups, abandoned carts, competitions, and surveys. The right email marketing assistant should design an email schedule that features timing and criteria.

Provides supportive tasks

The email marketing assistant you hire should offer other supportive tasks such as proofreading texts, accessing newsletters texts from clients, managing lesser-known systems such as ConvertKitDripInfusionsoft, and designing newsletter templates.

Managing email flow

The assistant will use ideal email marketing software to improve processes, plan content, integrate systems, and carry out strategic email marketing tasks. This includes tracking emails that were opened, the click rate, subscribers who opened the email but abandoned it, and why.

 Other duties of an email assistant are:

  • The building of email campaigns
  • Offering marketing consultancy
  • Preparation of performance reports
  • Segmentation of email subscribers

How much do email marketing assistants charge 

The average hourly pay for a marketing assistant with email marketing skills is $15.46 in the USA. 

Sample job listing for an email marketing assistant

Email marketing assistant job opening 

Job summary

We are a midsized American commercial entity dealing with fast-moving products. We are looking to fill a vacant position of email marketing specialist. The ideal candidate will be responsible for creating email marketing campaigns that promote our products to the target market.

 Primary responsibilities

  • Designing emails and setting parameters for automated emails
  • Creating effective marketing campaigns that promote our products
  • Proofreading emails for clarity, spelling, and grammar
  • Sending out email messages in proper form and template
  • Ensuring the marketing message is conveyed clearly and delivered correctly to the target recipients.
  • Develop a personalized marketing strategy
  • Ensure messages are mobile-friendly
  • Following up on interested respondents
  • Place orders for products
  • Track and analyze interactive and direct marketing campaigns
  • Develop and code the list segmentation for direct and interactive marketing campaigns


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing or related field
  • Excellent copywriting skills
  • An eye for exceptional email design
  • An understanding of email marketing analytics.
  • Proven work experience as a content manager 
  • Familiarity with social media workings
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent research skills
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Knowledge of SEO and web traffic metrics

Where to find an email marketing assistant

There are several marketplaces to hire an ideal email marketing assistant. The top on the list is Zirtual. Zirtual is a top-notch recruiting platform that matches up busy professionals with virtual email marketing professionals. The software provides employers with convenient and affordable options to hire exceptional talent for a range of email marketing projects. Other alternative market places to hire a professional email marketer include: IndeedGoogle for jobsGlassdoor, and Freelancer.

Key Takeaway

Email marketing is a valuable tool to build relationships, drive leads and sales, and maximize your marketing campaigns’ profitability. Creating and implementing an effective email marketing strategy requires daily and consistent effort. If you are a busy executive, it will be impossible to give your email marketing strategy the time and attention it deserves. As such, you need to consider hiring the right email marketing assistant. Should you need help, don’t hesitate to leverage new technologies like Zirtual, to hire the best talent out there.