All Hands On Deck

by | April 18, 2019

During The Management Phase, Every Captain Needs A Crew

Though many attempts will fall short of the mark, VCs are used to putting their full weight behind each and every swing for the fences. Because who knows, that one long shot could very well be the next Whatsapp acquisition: an educated gamble that turned a $60 million investment into a staggering $3 billion win for Sequoia Capital.

But the game doesn’t end when the deal is closed…

Once the thrill of the chase has passed, a VC needs to be prepared for arguably the most important phase of the process: management. It’s here that the eventual ‘return of fund’ is determined, and as well-deserved as a break may be, a VC needs to be sharp to shepherd the investment through to fruition.

Be the captain that brings the ship home to profitability

Investment poses financial risk. To guard against this, a VC needs to actively manage the portfolio so projected deadlines and deliverables are met and fulfilled. This includes monitoring expenditure against the plan, tracking company performance, and meeting with management to draft documentation for other key stakeholders.

It’s a difficult process that requires no shortage of interpersonal grace, as well as the ability to juggle a variety of tasks over multiple channels. So when the going gets tough, which tools does the modern VC have at their disposal?

  • AI-based virtual assistants: Software that schedules meetings automatically and answers emails.

  • Email tracking software: Programs that track open, response, and click rates to gauge an email’s success. While more suited to marketers, this software aids VCs by letting them know when a message has been read so they can follow up.

  • Information and insight providers: Managing a portfolio takes time and effort. Programs like Crunchbase pick up the slack by automatically gathering information on leads and competitors. With this data, a VC can cherry pick their prospects.

  • Deal flow systems: Logging systems such as Sevanta Dealflow feature investor-centric integrations that simplify the deal flow process.

It’s quite the arsenal, isn’t it? But automation means nothing if there’s nobody at the helm to filter the data and make the decisions. It’s especially difficult for a VC to oversee these programs while supervising an important portfolio — any oversight could result in balls being dropped. Or worse, leads being lost.

Invest your trust in the Zirtual crew

Hiring staff is costly and requires training. Training takes time. Time is a precious commodity for VCs. This is where Zirtual and our highly trained, rigorously vetted Virtual Assistants can lend a winning hand.

Our trustworthy, discreet assistants will bear the administrative load so you can use your talents and fulfill your passion. From decluttering and filtering inbound deals to managing appointments, to-do tasks, and documentation, your personal assistant will be there when you need them most.

Get in touch to be paired with your perfect Virtual Assistant.

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