A Platform for Growth Relies On Top Tier Service and Continual Research

by | May 5, 2015

Stan Chudnovsky has been a part of the amazing team that has brought Facebook Messenger into its own. A sample of their success: in the first 48 hours of introducing video calling, they made an astounding 1 million calls, and both the number and duration of those calls continues to increase. So when he introduced two strategies for stable growth, we were taking notes

Core Utility Functions Should Be Flawless

People use the Facebook Messenger because they trust its ability to get the message from A to B instantaneously.

  • This is actually why the FB Messenger App was introduced as a separate download. Despite the media controversy, it enabled the Messenger team to preserve the instantaneous (and much desired) aspect of the service, even as it grew from simple messages to voice-calling to video-calling.

If you can’t deliver the best in the services you are currently offering, you will struggle to get those clients to be interested in your growing, more diversified line of products.

Take The Time To Learn About Your Customers

Really figure out what the people coming to your service would like to be able to do. If they love something, make it easier for them to use.

  • Facebook Messenger is not interested in being a payment company like PayPal – while they may have set up an infrastructure with similar capabilities, their goal is to be “the best way to partner with people and build a great infrastructure to enable businesses and consumers to transact more freely and openly.”

When combined, these two strategies can contribute to the successful growth of your product or service, and even assist with client retention in the face of potentially controversial moves. In closing, a note from Chudovsky that really speaks to the larger, overall success of Facebook: “our main goal is actually to serve our customers wherever they are.”