5 Essential Qualities in a Remote Project Manager

by | December 29, 2020


The business world is thoroughly competitive because of globalization and constant innovations.

Whether you operate a tech firm, an e-commerce store, or a small business, time is a rare commodity. Equally, opportunities are highly volatile, which calls for swift actions in their pursuit.

To stay ahead, as a business owner, you should utilize more time maintaining and recruiting high ticket clients as opposed to administrative roles.

If you are upbeat about better profits and growth, your firm will reap immensely from the services of a remote project manager.

Despite the remote nature of the role, an American remote project manager is a better option for your business. You won’t have to worry about the time zone, good command of English, or education quality.

What Do Remote Project Managers Do?

As you worry about getting more clients, a remote project manager will get your office running without a hitch. A current client may request urgent software troubleshooting while you’re in the middle of a video call.

Your remote project manager will assist you in managing the client or assigning to other team members in such a situation. The assistant saves from the risk of losing the client.

The other roles that a remote project manager does include:

  • E-mail management i.e., sending bulk e-mails, replying, and general e-mail management.
  • Social Media Management
  • Filling and Database Management
  • Scheduling meetings.

Top Qualities in a Remote Project Manager

To run your business smoothly, you’ll need a remote project manager you can trust. The assistant will also be privy to key business plans and documents and be associated with the brand. You should, therefore, use objective screening criteria to select the best.

Below are some top qualities to consider:

1. Organization Skills

The remote project manager should have the quality to organize tasks, resources and assemble your internal team to achieve business objectives. If you’re a contractor, you’d be dealing with many laborers, a service request from property managers, social media complaints, among other business-related issues.

A perfect remote project manager should help you file such requests, keep copies, and form a master data management file. As part of the credentials, they should have the ability to use Excel application or have experience handling online filing systems

2.A Good Time Manager

The difference between profit and loss could be a delayed response or a late order. A small business owner who runs a delivery grocery store is highly time-sensitive. The service quality will be rated based on response time, delivery wait time, and social media adeptness.

The ideal remote project manager should have the ability to create a schedule list. An assistant who schedules his tasks is more likely to be successful. Their day is based on a set to-do-list. It could also include a list of priorities, which creates room for urgent orders.

During an interview, look out for a remote project manager who gets things done early on in the day. Completing tasks quickly is an important aspect that’ll create room for any emergencies within the day.

3. Possess Good Communication Skills

Communication skills help build trust, promote your brand, create better relationships, and solve day-to-day problems. The perfect assistant should mirror your thoughts in their conversations, e-mails, or other forms of dialogue.

You can use the below pointers to screen a good communicator:

  • Seeking Clarification: It’s normal to seek clarification to make things clear. Check whether your assistance dares to request clarification during your communications.

In complex projects such as creating software, the failure to fully grasp all details may badly impact the end product.

  • A Good Listener: Look out for an attentive and active listener. A good listener will act on customer’s requests promptly, which is good for profits.

4.A Detail Oriented Person

Customers’ requests come in different forms and instructions. Acting on customer’s instruction ‘as is’ avoids revision or rejections. Such customer complaints also lead to disputes, additional production costs, and lost trust.

One of the traits that indicate a detail-oriented person is proofreading. Look out for any errors in your initial correspondence. An assistant who does not proofread is a telltale sign of what to expect.


To trust the assistant with your work, they must display a level of expertise and hands-on knowledge. If you’re a realtor, the perfect project manager should have an educational background in real estate or relevant experience.

Equally, the job entails other general skills like e-mail marketing, copywriting, social media marketing, and the use of virtual assistance software.

You should therefore select an experienced or knowledgeable remote project manager, as opposed to a novice.


To get the best out of your business, you should channel most of your time optimizing sales, profits, and long-term prospects. You’d therefore utilize the services of a remote project manager to free your calendar from non-core activities.

For a suitable candidate, look out for quality cues during the interview process. A potential virtual assistant who shows up late for an interview may fail to honor customer instructions promptly.

You’d also use a checklist to tick off essential features like time management, organization skills, or detail-oriented