4 Tips To Stress-Proof Your Virtual Job

by | February 1, 2015

If you are new to the idea of working virtually, the seemingly endless possibilities and freedoms that can come from this route can be overwhelming at first. Working from the comfort of your bedroom or home work space doesn’t necessarily require the same discipline as an on-site office job; however, in order to benefit from the perks of working in your own living space, here are a few ways to ensure a smooth transition.

Getting Sleep

Your eyelids are your friends. Working online from home may mean long hours of staring at monitors and screens, and before you know it, your eyes have been strained beyond repair.

Give your eyes and the rest of your body the rest it deserves by getting a reasonable amount of sleep before starting work. Even better, utilize one of your small breaks by taking a quick nap to refresh yourself and prevent your eyes from going on strike.

Maintain Your Tools

Working virtually doesn’t require setting up a server or IT specialists. These also don’t come included in the package. You’re going to be doing your own work from your own computer day after day, given your PC doesn’t have a total meltdown on you.

If you took the liberty of purchasing a new PC or formatting your current computer, you have an advantage; however, you are going to have to maintain it – often. Antivirus software, internet security along with general computer literacy and competence goes a long way. It also ensures you don’t end up spending your entire paycheck replacing a malware ridden paperweight.

Manage Your Time

Imagine you are working on-site at an office. In order to keep your job, you would have to arrive on time and stay on task. The same applies to working from home, sans having a supervisor breathing down your neck. The freedom is exciting at first, but if you’re not careful you’re guaranteed to end up browsing Facebook and documenting your procrastination via Instagram for half the day. #NoWorkDoneWhatsoever. Staying on task and working diligently while allowing yourself occasional small breaks can prevent you from becoming distracted and keep you on the good side of your employer.

Limit Distractions

Working for yourself in the peace and quiet of your home enables you to get work done at a rate that is almost superhuman. Cue kids tumbling through your office, babies yelling, phones ringing off the hook and other unspecified chaos unleashing itself in your general vicinity. That superhuman pace will come to a standstill quicker than it started.

Cut out the chaos. Separating your work space from your living space, seeing the children off with your spouse or baby sitter and silencing your phone will ensure that distractions are kept at bay until you clock out.

Though working virtually may seem like a top tier dream job, disregarding the fact that all jobs have expectations that must be met consistently will most likely land you back in a cubicle or in the middle of a company picnic reminiscing on the days when you did all of your assignments in your pajamas from the comfort of your bedroom. For most, the perks of working virtually outweigh the cons of working in the more traditional office environment. Following these simple tips will guarantee you enjoy those perks for years to come.