17 Things No One Ever Told You About Working From Home

by | September 11, 2014

1. Showering at 4pm becomes a regular habit

When you start your day as soon as you roll out of bed sometimes showers slip your mind… Until dinnertime

2. You’ll stare at yourself during a video conference more than anyone else

Gotta make sure you look good, right?

3. Pants are 100% optional

By far the most liberating perk of working remotely

4. You’ll need to start scheduling reminders for lunch

Otherwise it’ll be dinner before you know it

5. The slight anxiety over whether people think you’re actually working is perfectly normal

So, stop freaking out if it takes you longer than 5 minutes to respond to an email

6. Your personal hygiene will take a hit

And you won’t realize it until 2 minutes before your next video call

7. It’s actually not any easier to keep your house clean

Somehow you still don’t have the time to clean

8. You’ll be surprised how many other people are home during the day

Seeing neighbors in the middle of the day during the week puts them in a whole new light

9. Naps are okay

Seriously, power naps work wonders to refocus you during an afternoon slump

10. When you need a break, take a walk around the block

Whatever you do, don’t get sucked into Netflix!

11. Your pets actually aren’t that interesting

If you think they lead exciting lives during the day you are definitely wrong. They sleep… ALL DAY

12. You’ll cherish face-to-face time

Make the most of it when you’re with your team members

13. Working from home means working wherever there is internet

Become a digital nomad to add some variety to your working space

14. Adding greenery lifts the spirit

Always have live plants or flowers in eyeshot

15. You’ll learn to act on your body’s natural productivity cycles

Not all bodies are created equally, be sure to listen to yours

16. It’s not for everyone

Working remotely requires great discipline, organization, initiative, and drive. You can get discouraged but having a plan will help you power through it.

17. You’re not alone

It can get lonely at home but getting out to a cafe for a few hours keeps your social side alive