13 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Social Media Assistant

by | September 15, 2020

Statista estimates that there are about 3.6 billion social media users today, with the number expected to hit 4.41 billion by 2025. Out of this, 2.7 billion are active Facebook users.

These statistics point to social media’s invaluable nature in reaching potential prospects and improving your business’s bottom line. However, with a busy schedule or a limited skillset, how can you guarantee your presence is highly felt on social media platforms? Well, the answer lies in hiring a social media manager.

What do social media assistants do?

Social media assistants are the sole voice of a brand on all social media channels where a company is represented. Their typical duties include responding to comments, creating content, and compiling campaigns for the social media audience. They are also duty-bound to provide organizations and brands with guidance that helps enhance their online presence.

Top signs you need to hire a social media assistant

Hiring a social media assistant will not only enhance your online presence but will also free up your time so that you concentrate more on other core areas of your business. The following are the 13 signs that it is time to bring a social media assistant on board:

1. You often miss messages

Social media platforms like Facebook come with useful messaging features that allow you to connect conveniently with your customers or audiences. Your audience typically views your page and can determine whether you are responsive or not. If you have a business profile, you should strive to respond to over 90 percent of Facebook messages to get the prestigious “Very Responsive to Messages” badge. If you are missing most messages, your responsiveness and engagement rate will take a nosedive. Missed messages not only damage reputations but also leads to a loss in business. A social media assistant can help answer the message in record time to generate more engagements, leads, and clients

2. You are out of sync with new platforms

If you are not familiar with the platforms or the target audience uses, it is time to bring in the experts. Technology keeps expanding with new social media platforms emerging each passing day. If you have no clue what Snapchat or Periscope is and yet your audience is moving there in their droves, let a social media manager handle your communication.

3. If you are considering advertising on social media 

More companies are now advertising their products and services on social media. In the US, social media spending by companies hit a record of $17 billion in 2019. Social media comes with unexploited opportunities, and with the right targeted campaigns, you are sure to get more leads and clients. However, advertising on social media requires high-level tech suaveness that only communications experts could be possessing. You may need to rope in their expertise to attract more followers and clients.

4. If social media isn’t your priority

Ironical right? But if you typically think about social media last in your list of priorities, then it is time to engage an expert to do all the works and thinking for you.  Your existing clients and potential clients have moved online, and so should you. Once you have laid down your sales strategy, you need to take it to where the clients spend most of their time. You need a manager to help you run sales, promotions, and hosting events on social media platforms.

5. You are running a tight schedule

If you are putting in more 40 hours a week, chances are you have little time to coordinate an effective social media presence strategy. Running a business, especially a startup, is hard work, and you may need help with many things. Adding hours for social media may not seem plausible and thus a need to hire a social media assistant to help manage your social media pages efficiently.

6.  If you have to make sacrifices to be on social media

If you neglect other important things like time for family and exercise so that you could make time for social media, then it is a sign you need someone to manage your pages. Likewise, if spending time managing your accounts means missing essential business functions and tasks, then you need to outsource the management.

7. You have no clue about digital marketing

Just because everyone else is moving to digital marketing doesn’t guarantee you will succeed with it, especially if you are not very knowledgeable about how it works. Social media marketing needs a deep understanding of analytical, reporting, and advertising tools. There are also essential paid campaign tools that influence your success rate. You need an expert to deploy an effective social media marketing that guarantees success.

8. You don’t simply love social media

There is a possibility that you are no longer a fan of social media platforms. Social media assistants are not only adept at communicating through the platforms, but they also enjoy using them. They love building an ideal audience that they engage with while promoting your brand. Social media campaigns are built on trust and transparency, and when you start feeling bored and annoyed, your audience will feel the change. You will lose not only your audience but also your business.

9. You no longer update in real-time

Social media users look for fresh and regularly updated content. The audience rarely thrives on stale or recycled posts. If you are taking longer to make new posts, you communicate a wrong message to your audience. Besides, the audience can also quickly know when you are using an autopilot program to schedule posts. The lack of human touch to the posts you make can disengage the audience and drive them away from your messages and brand. If you are not flexible to make regular posts hire a social media assistant to do it for you.

10. You are not an excellent writer.

If writing is not your thing, hire someone to produce engaging and quality social media content for you. Writing social media content can be challenging. You need content that adopts a light, friendly, yet authoritative tone that convinces the audience. You also need to be consistent when posting across platforms and pass the same message uniquely.

11. If you are experiencing low engagements 

If your page’s engagements are low despite all your efforts, it means there is something you are not doing right. In social media communication, results are what matters the most. If your pages are not seeing the right level of engagements and therefore you are not achieving your target social media marketing goals, it is time to hire an experienced social media assistant

12. You are launching a new product or service

If you are mulling a new way to generate revenue, you may need the services of an adept communicator to help market and popularize your new product or service. Similarly, if you are moving your product or service to a new territory, you will need help from a team of expert communicators, and top on the list is a social media manager. Enhancing your online presence is an ideal way to popularize your brand and generate more revenue

13. Complaints/dissatisfaction from customers

Although customer complaints are a critical feedback element, they can quickly turn into a nightmare if not properly handled. Worse is the fact that nowadays, customers prefer to take their complaints to social media. You need an expert communicator to address these complaints promptly and help prevent negative publicity.

Key takeaway

Social media offers a cheaper and more effective advertising medium that any forward-looking manager cannot ignore. Your brand needs to have a visible impact on social media, and that is why you may need the services of an adept social media assistant. If you are experiencing any of the signs discussed here, it is time to scout for a social media assistant. Visit Zirtual.com for more up to date topics on the latest trends cutting across the industry.