Sell More Homes with a Zirtual Assistant

Our highly trained Virtual Assistants help overwhelmed real estate agents become top performers.

“I stopped being overwhelmed. I stopped being busy. I started being productive. I started selling more homes. Amazing what taking non-essential tasks of my plate did for me.”  Jessica L. – Real Estate Agent

Take Administration out of the Home Sale Equation

We deal with the important smaller tasks so you to secure high-value properties, close more contracts, and grow your career. All you need to do is:

Select the virtual assistant plan that's right for you

Select Your Plan

We’ll match you with a US-based, tech-savvy point person who understands the pressures, challenges, and pitfalls of the property market.

Virtual Assistant Task Delegation

Delegate Your Tasks

We’ll review your needs, systems, and preferences for Day 1 delegation to declutter your busy schedule.

Use a virtual real estate assistant to help close contracts

Close More Contracts

With experience in handling the micro tasks that affect focus and efficiency, our VAs will remove the obstacles that hamper your ability to sell homes.

Stop Wasting Time. Start Closing Deals.

Get the time you need to be the best agent in your market.

Top-perfoming agents all have one thing in common: they focus on the most critical parts of the process and delegate the rest.

Our responsive, proactive Virtual Assistants go above-and-beyond so that you can focus on generating more prospects, buyer agreements, listings, and closings. By shifting the smaller tasks weighing you down, you gain a competitive edge, more clients, greater sales, and maybe even a weekend or two. Don’t you think it’s time to reap the benefits of the long hours you put in?

I used to wonder why I couldn’t focus – why my days seemed out of my control. Now, I wonder how I ever got anything done before Zirtual.

- Barry W.

Real Estate Brokerage Owner

Our Real Estate Administrators Can Help With

A defined scope of service that includes vetting targets, calendar scheduling, and property market research.
Personal Assistance
No more missing out on prospective buyers and sell-side listings. Your personal VA will manage appointments, to-do tasks, and documentation.
Email Management

Filter new prospects, inquiries, and meeting requests with a VA who’s comfortable with the latest online technology and CRM platforms.


Save precious hours and spend them on evaluating prospective property leads while your VA keeps your calendar organized and efficient.


Nurture and grow your property portfolio as your VA researches market trends and prospective targets for you to jump on.


Build your personal brand with a VA who understands how social media can grow your digital footprint and reach the right people.

Virtual Assistants, college-educated and based in the US

Use Your Talent Where It Counts

  • Our VAs are highly competent at updating and tracking your MLS listings, as well as following up with leads and potential buyers or sellers.
  • Don’t let voice messages and emails pile up! Have your Zirtual assistant check your voicemail regularly throughout the day.
  • A rigorous, multi-step vetting process ensures your VA has the skills to support you from the get-go, with no exhaustive training required.
  • US-based, college-educated, and native English speakers.

We Simplify Your Life. You Close More Deals.

From following up on leads to showings, closings, and marketing and promotion, you need to choose where to spend your precious time carefully. Our VAs have years of experience in inbox management, scheduling, travel booking, event planning, and other property market-related administration. Let Zirtual help you take your time back and spend it where it counts.

Don’t Let Small Tasks Pile Up

Administration such as email management, property data compiling, and updating or posting listings can seriously hamper the growth of your portfolio. And in the hyper-fast world of modern real estate, you need all the time you can get to stay ahead of competitors.

“I used to have a really big problem. And that really big problem was really little tasks. They just piled up and piled up. Now Amanda keeps that from happening. I stay focused, and everything gets done, when it should get done.”

Meredith F.

Real Estate Agent

“I used to tell people that I loved my job. And it was mostly true. Now, when I tell people I love my job, its 100% true. I got rid of the admin tasks that ate my time, and my energy and interrupted the parts of real estate that I loved the most. Zirtual does that now, so I don’t have to.”


Real Estate Broker

You Deserve A Break From Admin

Why carry the weight of repetitive administration alone? By delegating the smaller tasks to an experienced assistant, you’re able to pour your talent into what truly matters: selling homes to valued clients and carving out a unique niche in the property market.

Simplify Your Workflow

Whether managing multiple sales or applying your mind to property market forecasting, an efficient, attentive Virtual Assistant will give you the time you need to ensure it’s done right.

“If you asked my husband what the most common response to ANY question was last year, it would be “just about another hour”. That was my everyday – just another hour for this, just another hour for that. It never ended, where was always more to do. Now, with a Zirtual Assistant, I can say yes to another hour of time with my family, and still be an amazing Realtor.”

Sammi P.

Real Estate Agent

Zirtual Is Here To Help

With a personal assistant who understands the pressures and challenges of real estate.

Zirtual has a wealth of experience in the industry and a proven track record of helping realtors achieve more sales. Our skilled Virtual Assistants are qualified to take on the micro tasks that hamper your ability to chase leads and follow up on important buyer or seller inquiries. Take time management to new levels of productivity with a Zirtual VA.