Focus on the big stuff.
We’ll do the rest.

Virtual assistants for entrepreneurs,
professionals, and small teams.


Let Us Clear Your To Do List

You assign it. We make it happen. You focus on the big stuff, we’ll handle everything else from now on.

Inbox: Take control of your inbox for good.

Create filters and rules to organize email. Answer non-essential emails graciously. Send a TL;DR on certain emails and alerts for the important ones.
Use templates and rules for customer service inquiries. Organize contacts with detailed profiles. Mass respond to high volume emails.

Scheduling: Put scheduling and calendar appointments on auto-pilot.

Schedule service appointments with your dentist, doctor, and stylist.

Correspond with co-workers to set up weekly meetings.

Clear your calendar and notify everyone in emergencies.
Verify meetings before you arrive to be sure everyone is on time.

Setup daily itineraries including actionables for tomorrow.

Highlight important events like birthdays, anniversaries and client milestones.

Travel: Let you focus on the trip, not how to get there.

Optimize your flights based on personal preferences.

Reserve your car and have it ready when you arrive.

Find new restaurants for entertaining clients.

Present detailed itineraries for an upcoming trip.

Arrange pickup services for your trips home from the airport.

Compare pricing of hotels to find the best deals.


Research: A dedicated research guru always at hand.

Identify potential investors for an upcoming fundraise

Find office space and coworking facilities in any city.

Solicit price quotes from multiple vendors for any project.

Scout for talent during your next round of hiring.

Prepare research reports around industry and market data.

Identify client prospects based on target customer profiles.

Expenses: We’ll keep track of every receipt and help you shop smarter.

Make purchases on your behalf, after finding the right price and product.

Help you manage and stay on budget for your next company retreat.

Create and send invoices on your behalf.

Track and manage mileage reimbursement.

Collate and categorize all of your receipts.

Manage expense reports for you and your team.

Personal: Let us help you get your personal life in balance to make work a bit easier.

Schedule your next appointment with your doctor/dentist/hairdresser.

Proofread content before you share it.

Plan events from company outings to personal dinner parties.

Handle phone calls so you can stay focused on pressing matters.

Clear your to-do list of all your personal stuff.

Send gifts on your behalf to always make you a hero.

Virtual Assistants, college-educated and based in the US

College educated,


Virtual Assistants

  • U.S.-based
  • College educated
  • Assigned by timezone
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, Google G Suite
  • Professionally trained and managed
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Graduates from Great Universities

Virtual Assistants from great universities, like Ohio State University and Villanova University

Beyond your Virtual Assistant: A dedicated account manager to cover any possible issue.

  • Need a different assistant? Done.
  • Going on vacation? We can pause your account.
  • Need more hours? We got you.
  • Have a special need? Let’s make it happen.
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Zirtual client services can make sure your virtual assistant can handle every need, even special ones

How It Works

Get matched with a virtual assistant in 24 hours, with a plan to get started
Virtual Assistant in 24-48 Hours

We’ll match you with a Virtual Assistant based on your time zone and custom preferences.

Virtual Assistant delegation kickstart - we'll review your needs and preferences
Delegation Kickstart

Then we’ll review your needs, systems and preference so we’re up and running Day 1.

Virtual Assistant Tasks assigned your way - email, texting, whatever!
Assign Tasks Your Way

We’ll sync to your preferred workflow. Prefer texting? Great. Live through email? Done.

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Trusted by Founders and CEOs of the world’s top companies

Virtual Assistants for Executives from the World's Top Companies, such as Google, Apple, Fidelity, and more

Outsource and automate. The #1 resource we found for outsourcing is Zirtual. They will save you countless hours of work.

Tim Ferriss

Author of "The 4 Hour Work Week"

Zirtual is simple, accessible and effective; working with Jessica has been great. She was quick to pick up the tools Bench uses and integrates herself in the way we work.

Ian Crosby

Co-Founder and CEO,

Michelle has ramped up quickly to become an indispensable member of our team. She’s fast to respond, learns fast, and adapts at lightning speed to the needs of our company.

Anastasia Leng

Founder & CEO, Picasso Labs

Zirtual is the largest and most recognized virtual assistant service in the world.

Skills that match your needs

Zirtual Assistants are trained in their core areas of expertise. They already have tons of experience working for clients remotely and can help you streamline your outsourcing process. We match you to the Zirtual Assistant whose existing skills will make the biggest impact on your workload.

No contracts and a 30-day money back guarantee.*

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my Virtual Assistant be available?

We assign all Virtual Assistants within 48 hours of signing up based on either East (EST) or West (PST) time zones.

Will this work for small/soloproneuers?

Absolutely, and probably even better as you can practically clone yourself with a Virtual Assistant.

Will the Virtual Assistant's email address be the same as my domain?

Yes. You can opt to have all emails look/feel like they are coming from your company – i.e.

Is my information confidential?

Completely. Any information that is shared is confidential.

When is the meter running? Do I pay for downtime?

The meter only runs when a task is being created or when you’re communicating with your Virtual Assistant.

What don't you do?

We obviously can’t handle in-person tasks (like dropping off your dry cleaning), legal/HR, customer support, sales, or receptionist services.