The Zirtual Story

Like a lot of great stories... it started in Vegas.

The idea of Zirtual...

Zirtual was birthed during a late night brainstorming sesh in 24-hour cafe on the Las Vegas strip. The problem was that I had too many business "ideas" and simply not enough time in the day to research, test, and execute each of them. Enter my small army of virtual assistants, who spanned from stay-at-home moms to enthusiastic college students.

These virtual workers helped me with everything from market research, to contacting vendors, to setting up blogs. They even managed my schedule while I'd meet with potential partners. After months of collaborative work, I realized the business I wanted (needed!) to create was the one right under my nose—thus the idea of matching thoroughly vetted and trained, US-based virtual assistants to busy entrepreneurs was born.

In just a few short years we've grown to contract Zirtual Assistants from across the US. Our assistants now help clients who range from Fortune 500 execs to exhausted parents worldwide. We're passionate about saving our clients time and being the secret weapon to busy people everywhere.

— Maren Kate Donovan

As the founders, we're always here for you — just try us.

Maren has a background that includes biker bars, Chaucer, and has a penchant for science fiction—she's also never met a cat she doesn't like.

Maren Kate Donovan

Founder & CEO

If it has anything to do with aesthetic function, typography, exploring new places (South Pacific anyone?), and/or sippin' bourbon, Erik's listening.

Erik Jensen

Co-founder & Head of UX

In his free time, Collin lives the yogi lifestyle: meditation, clean food, fitness, being present, and mixing in a handstand whenever possible.

Collin Vine

Co-founder & CPO

Our Team

Zirtual is run by a small but passionate team of customer service experts, culture specialists and engineers, with headquarters in Las Vegas, NV and offices in both San Francisco and New York City.

Our Investors

In January 2012, Zirtual raised a $2M Series led by Tony Hsieh, CEO of, the VegasTechFund, and Mayfield Fund in San Francisco, CA.

"I was attracted to Zirtual for the same reasons why I was attracted to Zappos in the early days."
— Tony Hsieh

CEO of

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