Zirtual's Core Values

Creating a world where good help is NOT hard to find.

Zirtual's Principles

  1. Provide Excellent Service
    The lifeblood of Zirtual is serving our clients, investors, and each other every day. Being service-oriented means thinking outside of the box to "get to yes," and turning any roadblocks into opportunities. In everything we do, we strive to be excellent, to over-deliver, and to leave those we impact with a whispered "wow" hanging in the air.

  2. Strive for Simplicity
    "Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains." — Steve Jobs

  3. Be Humble
    At Zirtual, humility means treating all people as equals. Being humble is to show respect to our clients, and each other as human beings, while selflessly putting the good of our shared mission above individual wants or desires.

  4. Practice Open & Honest Communication
    We believe the foundation of building trust and healthy relationships is open and honest communication, regardless of the situation. As a virtual company, this is especially important as we often times miss non-verbal cues during conversation and don't have the benefit of "catching up over the water cooler." As Zirtual grows we must be vigilant about nurturing this form of communication to avoid misunderstandings and foster deep trust amongst teams.

  5. Get to a Win/Win/Win
    Too often, business is looked at as a zero-sum game. Our philosophy of creating a win for our employees, a win for our clients, and a win for the company allows us to view each interaction through a collaborative lens, versus a competitive one.

  6. Have a Little Fun with It
    Life is too short, (or too long) depending on your view, not to have a little fun with it. The work can be serious, and the goals are huge... but smile knowing you have the freedom to create a little fun wherever you can!

  7. Think Exponentially
    By thinking exponentially we are focused on the long term game, not just the short term play we can see. This means building out scalable systems, frameworks and processes; as well as investing in people and going to great lengths to support and develop them. It also requires progress over perfection, and a focus on iterative improvements that lead to remarkable results.

As the founders, we're always here for you — just try us.

Maren has a background that includes biker bars, Chaucer, and has a penchant for science fiction—she's also never met a cat she doesn't like.

Maren Kate Donovan

Founder & CEO

If it has anything to do with aesthetic function, typography, exploring new places (South Pacific anyone?), and/or sippin' bourbon, Erik's listening.

Erik Jensen

Co-founder & Head of UX

In his free time, Collin lives the yogi lifestyle: meditation, clean food, fitness, being present, and mixing in a handstand whenever possible.

Collin Vine

Co-founder & CPO